Want to Get Familiar with Networking Concepts of Windows Server 2016? Pass Microsoft 98-366 Exam Using Practice Tests!

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Want to Get Familiar with Networking Concepts of Windows Server 2016? Pass Microsoft 98-366 Exam Using Practice Tests!

Microsoft 98-366 is all about the basics of Windows Server 2016. After passing this test, you will get the MTA: Networking Fundamentals certification. The exam caters for the IT professionals around the world, and that is why it is available in several languages. Precisely, it can be taken in Japanese, Chinese, English, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and others. There is much more information that you should know about this test, so in this article, we will look at the details and topics of this exam. Let’s start!

Microsoft 98-366: Potential audience

The main prerequisite for many Microsoft exams of the Associate level is to obtain any MTA certificate if you don’t have any experience or knowledge of the technology that you are interested in. This is not an obligatory requirement but instead recommended. Each Microsoft 70-480, 70-486, MS-900, 70-761, 70-778, 70-410, 70-764, MS-100 A Plus Practice Tests 300-115 OG0-092  is a fundamental-level credential designed to help you take the first step towards your career as an IT specialist.

Those individuals who intend to earn the MTA: Networking Fundamentals certification should be familiar with the general networking concepts and technologies. They should also have some working experience with Windows-based networking, Windows Server, network management tools, name resolution process, TCP/IP DNS, as well as network protocols and topologies.

Microsoft 98-366: Exam structure

According to Certiport, you will have 50 minutes to answer from 59 to 63 questions. The format can vary during the test so that you can face with multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, active screen, hot area, case study, and others. There is a whole list of possible types that you can come across during any Microsoft exam. This information is available on the official website, so we advise that you check these details on the FAQ section.

Microsoft 98-366: Exam topics

In reference to the objectives of the Microsoft 98-366 certification test, the tasks have been grouped into big sections. Each of them contains a number of subtopics that are strictly related to each other. In this article, we will discuss all of them in detail.

Three main domains are given a certain weight in the exam. It is represented in a percentage and indicates how prominent or dominant the topic is. Before discussing the details, it is essential to inform you that there are questions that may come from other related subjects apart from the ones mentioned here visit www.certbolt.com.

Network Infrastructures

The first section is Understanding Network Infrastructures. It contains questions that makeup to 35% of the total marks in Microsoft 98-366. Under this domain, the candidates are tested on how well they understand the concepts of the Internet, extranet, and intranet. This area also checks your level of understanding of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), wireless networking, as well as network topologies, access methods, and so on. To get the content, you must have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewalls, zones, and security;
  • Perimeter networks;
  • Wireless LAN and wired LAN;
  • VLANs.

The questions testing your understanding of network topologies and access methods revolve around star, ring, bush, mesh, logical, and physical topologies.

Network Hardware

The next objective is Understanding Network Hardware. Containing between 20-25% of the total marks, this section is all about switches, routers, and media types. You will be tested on how well you understand switches in the first subsection. It covers transmission speed, switching types, MAC table, VLAN capabilities, virtual switches. You should also understand the capabilities of hubs vs switches, Layer 3 & Layer two switches and security options, speed and number of uplinks, type and number of ports, and hardware redundancy. Understanding routers is another subtopic that revolves around transmission speed considerations, RIP vs. OSPF, dynamic routing, static routing, directly connected routes, and default routers. Moreover, you will be evaluated on your knowledge of cable types and their characteristics; susceptibility to electricity; susceptibility to external interference; twisted pair unshielded or shielded.

Protocols and Services

Understanding Protocols and Services is the third and last topic area in Microsoft 98-366. This is the section that dominates the exam content the most (with 45-50% of the marks). This objective mainly focuses on your understanding of IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, networking services, and an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. The questions about the OSI model will gauge your knowledge of pockets and frames, famous ports for most used purposes, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and TCP, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) model, and examples of protocols, devices, and applications. As for IPv4, you will be evaluated on subnetting, IPv4 using, IPconfig, addressing, subnet mask, packets, ports, gateway, reserved address ranges for local use, and ipv4toipv6 tunneling protocols so as to ensure backward compatibility. When it comes to TCP/IP, you will be answering questions about tracert, IPconfig, Telnet, pathping, netstat, and protocols.

Microsoft 98-366: Preparation options

It is not possible to pass Microsoft 98-366 without mastering all the exam objectives discussed above. In other words, you cannot just wake up one day, register for your certification test, and expect to pass it with flying colors without studying for it. Of course, you might have years of experience in the field. However, you still need to prepare adequately for this exam. Otherwise, you will fail to achieve even the passing score. There are several preparation options to choose from, depending on one’s preference and schedule.

For example, taking an online or instructor-led training course is one of the options available for IT professionals. There are several platforms offering this kind of preparation. All you need to do is ensure that the website you are signing up to is a credible one. Another option is using self-study prep tools. There are a lot of books, guides, notes, braindumps, and practice tests available online and in book stores. Also, ensure that the materials you are using are sourced from a trusted site. One of the platforms you can always rely on is PrepAway. It offers a huge collection of practice questions with answers that are well explained and certified by qualified specialists besides other useful resources that include study guides and video courses.


The Microsoft 98-366 exam is the perfect choice for those individuals who want to get the MCSA credential in the future. Passing this test and becoming a certified professional is an excellent step towards achieving your career goals and a good base for your journey with Windows Server 2016.

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