How To Organize Parking Spot In Your Garage?

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There are various ways of how you can use your garage but its main purpose is still parking a vehicle. However, there are lots of people daily struggling with parking a car in their garages and this obstacle needs to be solved.

The first reason you might think of when it comes to challenging garage parking is the fact that space is too cluttered and needs a cleaning. But there are more reasons than that. For example, if you have a one-spot garage and large SUV at the same time it will be hard for you to fit the vehicle in.

What is more, even if your car is not that big there are obstacles that can hard your parking experience. It might be a bad layout, bad light and stuff like that. You might struggle even if you have a large three-spot garage.

Here are some tips on how to organize a parking spot in your garage.

Determining A Problem

So, before trying to solve a problem you need to define where it comes from. At this point, the most common struggle you might face is not having enough space for your vehicle. And this problem causes lots of other inconveniences like:

  • You have trouble with going in and out of our garage place.
  • You can accidentally damage your car while trying to park.
  • You are unable to park in the garage form the first time and it stresses you out.

Sounds familiar? Now lets figures out how to get rid of those problems once and for all.

Expand Your Garage

Making a garage bigger is the first and the most obvious solution to this problem that comes into your mind. But this is better said than done and it is why:

First of all, you won’t be able to expand the size of your garage all by yourself as this is not one-man work. Plus, it is not a simple renovation so you’ll most likely have skills required to do this job. At this point, you will need t hire a professional builder or even a group of pros. It sounds easy but it will cost you lots of money to get done.

What is more, while the professionals will try to increase your place you will be unable to use it so you’ll need to find another parking spot for your vehicle. Besides, a job like that can get messy. Although it’s not worth worrying about if you have garage pressure washers. However, apart from the mud, be prepared to see your driveway and bushes destroyed. And last but not least you will need to take a building permit that is not easy to get.

Clean More Space Inside The Garage

In case you decide to not extend the garage itself you may think of cleaning it out and maximizing free area. If your place is filled in with stuff and most of it just laying on your floor it will be hardly possible to park in there. At this point, you just need to go through a decluttering and you’ll immediately see the difference.

Try to maximize the floor space by storing your stuff on the walls and even on the ceiling. Think about all the areas that could be used as a storehouse and use them this way. Don’t forget about the cabinet systems that can also be nice for our place. The point here is – the more floor clutter is in your place the less parking place you have.

Use Parking Tools

Nowadays, there are plenty of special parking tools that you can get in stores or online. The most accessible one is the wireless car camera that expands your viewing angle. This aid has different names but you can get it at any car supplies store.

Another option you have here is the wireless parking sensors that will alert you if you’ll get to close to any object. Those aids usually sync with your mobile phone and use it for visualizing the surrounding environment.

Plus, you can use laser parking tools that are getting more popular every year. Those tools are being placed in your garage and using the laser beam to lead you through the parking.

You can also use parking indicators that should be placed on your garage’s floor. These aids need to be fastened t your floor to prevent them from moving. What they do is they indicate your parking spot. There are different types of those aids so you can choose the best one for you.

Use A Car Lift

A car lift is a nice way to make your garage space bigger. Thus, one car lift turns your one-car garage into a two-car garage. This tool is easy to use, and it can stand weights for up to 9,000 lbs. Besides, a vehicle lift can be used to store motorbikes and other seasonal vehicles.

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