Non Contact Safety Switch – The Complete Guide

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Non Contact Safety Switch – The Complete Guide

Safety switches can be a fantastic acquisition for any business. They can help increase the security and safety of any premises. If there is one challenge when it comes to acquiring safety switches, it can be understanding the differences between various types of safety switches available. So let’s look now at the key differences in the range.

Finding the Right Safety Switch

Finding the right safety switch for a particular need requires considering which type of safety switch will best suit the needs of the location where the switch will be installed. In turn, the needs of the personnel who will be operating in and around its area.

Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Switche

Magnetic non-contact safety switches can be useful for sites where safety and security is of course desirable, but there’s also the desire to avoid ongoing triggering of the switch for minor events. For example, if over time a door where a safety switch has been installed begins to sag, then a magnetic non-contact safety switch with a 7mm sensing range will accommodate this. This means the switch will only trigger when an event occurs that breaches the 7mm tolerance in its sensing range – such as a door actually being left open as opposed to just being slightly misaligned.

Non-Contact Safety Switches with RFID Technology

Non-contact safety switches with RFID technology can offer some additional benefits in comparison to the standard non-RFID safety switches. For many locations and needs, there are pros and cons to these devices. For example, there are series of these safety switches available where the actuator (‘one half’ of the safety switch) will work with any sensor (‘the other half’). This is great for anyone who may have a legitimate reason for occasionally needing to leave a door open – as they can carry an additional actuator with them that will prevent the safety switch triggering – but of course requires vigilance surrounding where any additional actuators are kept, and who has access to them.

Magnetic Locking Non-Contact Safety Switches with RFID Technology

The magnetic locking non-contact safety switch with RFID technology has all the benefits of the aforementioned non-contact safety switches with RFID technology. But it also offers the added bonus of magnetisation, that helps keep doors shut and prevent accidental opening. This is particularly beneficial for use in any door where a machine or other operators are occurring behind the door that should not be interrupted before a certain period of time has elapsed. 

Making the Switch

Any business that is yet to have safety switches can find a number of benefits from acquiring them. It’s important to identify the right type of safety switch for the potential installation site, keeping in mind it’s not only the location itself that is important, but also what personnel will be around it. But once this is done, a business can look to progress the installation of the safety switches, truly fantastic devices that provide a very substantial upgrade in safety and security anywhere they are installed.

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