The New Toy Story 4 Trailer Is Out!

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Toy Story 4

The latest trailer of Toy Story 4 just hit the internet by storm. Millions of fans are waiting to see their favorite gang of toys in this new adventure. The last part of the series is all set to rock the cinemas on 21st June 2019.

Watch the Trailer Here!

The first trailer hasn’t revealed much of the story, except for the induction of a whole new character. Yes, the toy gang has a new member now! The new character’s name is “Forky”, a piece of cutlery with plastic pipes as arms and in the trailer, he cries out and says, “I don’t belong here.” Let us see where this new character takes the story.

In the next trailer, two stuff toys were telling about the TOY STORY with complete bad expressions, and that’s where Woody and Buzz step in and correct them.

A little sneak peek from the movie revealed that Bo Peep and Woody are together finding Buzz, who has been trapped as a prize on a stall.

The first full-flash trailer was launched six months back. This story took us to an emotional roller coaster by revisiting the old Toy Story. With a glimpse of the past, it had the focus on the new characters too, Forky, as mentioned above and Gabby Gabby, the villain of the story.

The final trailer came on 21st May 2019. The main focus was on the new characters, again. Forky, Duke Caboom and Bunny were the limelight of this trailer. They are trying to rescue their friend Forky, from the antique store.

What Is The Plot Of Toy Story 4?

As you saw in Toy Story 3, Andy grew up, and he is heading to the new phase of his life. He is planning to go to college. He donated all of his toys to their new owner, Bonnie. Andy even donated Woody! In the first trilogy, the toys’ adventure was in their first home, and it will all be followed to their second life with Bonnie.

From what is known, this part has much resemblance with the very first part, The Toy Story. In Toy Story 1, woody was finding it difficult to adjust to the new toy. Will Woody be able to get along?

The ending of the story is said to be sentimental. With Bonnie and the toys on an excursion trip and Woody finding his old friend Bo Peep where will everything go? You’ll just have to wait for the movie to hit theatres to find out.

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