Beginner Mountain Biking Tips – 9 Things To Know Before You Go

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Mountain Biking

Do you think about mountain biking? Then this content is for you. Here, we will present several essential tips that mountain bikers should know. Firstly, mountain biking is fun and very exciting. 

It is different from the plan of land biking. A mountain biker rides on the rocky land, rough and every sort of different ground. And that is why a biker should follow some tricks and tips to make the journey safe and enjoyable. 

Therefore, read the below content to get the most important nine tips before you start mountain biking.

1. Stay Loose

Usually, a mountain bikers ride on the challenging terrain. In this situation, you have to let the bicycle do its work. It means that one has to keep the body loose during riding. 

Also, hover the butt off while riding on the obstacles like rocks and roots. One thing you must remember that your bicycle needs more room to run on the more challenging terrain. 

In the ripping downtime, think to pushup your arms, cowboy legs, then flare out the knees and elbows. As a result, your body will let your bicycle flow than fighting with it.

2. Maintain Momentum

Another essential tip is maintaining your Momentum. Though it feels counterintuitive, it holds the speed. Even also it helps to increase your riding speed. Most importantly, a perfect rate helps to make easy the challenging trail for a rider. 

Indeed, Momentum is a best friend during the riding on the mountain area. Therefore, one must try to maintain it wherever and whenever one can do it.

3. Move Your Weight

Mountain Biking Tips

Now we will present another essential tip, and that is balancing and moving the weight when a rider is going to cross the extreme terrain with the steep declines and inclines. 

One thing you must remember that you have to move your weight while climbing a rough pitch. Just move the weight lean forward or forward to stay on the gravity center and maintain the traction. 

If the trail inclines downward, then go to the backward direction. Also, move the weight back the saddle to cross the bike’s rear wheel. Also, it helps to avoid crossing the bars. If you want to know more information about bikes, their brands, and some other things, you can visit

4. Be Comfortable with the Brakes

A biker should always be comfortable with the brakes. One thing you remember that the mountain bicycle has strong brakes that are very powerful as well. So, you do not need to grab the brakes and pull the forcefully. Just use one or two fingers to modulate the speed of the bikes. 

It means you can use only two fingers lightly to control the brakes. Most importantly, you have to adjust the speed before you ride on the slippery surface. Also, you have to stay off from the front brake when you are going into the turn fast. 

Moreover, stop the front tire in a slide to send one cross the bars on the ground. However, you can hit the right brakes to stay straight while slipping. 

5. Try to Use Every Gear

Now it is time to present other essential tips for the mountain bikers. They must follow this rule to run on the harsh and rough land. Most of the cyclists cover rippling territory that buds up as well as down often.

Here, the tip is to get ahead in the land by moving before the rider need to do. Indeed, it works amazingly to maintain Momentum. Lastly, from the above information, you know that speed is the best friend during riding.

6. Fix the Suspension

Fixing the suspension is one of the essential parts of the biking. Nowadays, most of the bike has at least one fork of the front suspension. Also, several cycles have one rear shock absorber as well. 

Indeed, these are incredible inventions that provide several facilities during riding. But the break will not work until you fix them to the active positions. 

Most importantly, you have to take the time to learn the process of fixing suspension. Moreover, you have to know about locking out as well as opening up the break. Once you learn to set, then it will help you to avoid any accident.

7. Set Your Path and Destination

Every rider should set a destination where they want to go. Setting the path and goal is telling the target fixation. Mainly, your bike follows your eye directions. It means that wherever your eyes will go, your bike will also go there.

However, the bikers should keep the chin level toward the ground and eyes forward. After that, look at the far down on the path as possible. Most importantly, use the peripheral look to negotiate and avoid a coming obstacle. 

At last, a cyclist must use one helmet while riding the bicycle. A helmet is the only thing that will keep your head protected.

8. Build Knowledge about Basic Repairs

The expert always suggests knowing about the necessary repairs of the cycle. When you go riding on the Stoney land, many problems can happen. At least you have to know about fixing the flat. 

Moreover, it would help if you learned to repair the broken chain. Also, learn the replacing process of derailleur hanger. Therefore, you can visit the local shop. They will help you to understand the necessary repairs of the cycle.

9. Ensure Enough Financial Resources and Basic Needs

Last but not least, before starting mountain biking, one must ensure enough financial resources and basic needs. Mountain bikers need more time and energy to reach the destination. And, you will not get any shop surrounding you.

In this case, you have to take enough water and food with you. Besides, always carry some extra tools with you like one or two spare tubes, multi-tool, and pump. Trust us; this little preparation will help you to enjoy more and make your journey comfortable.

The Bottom Line 

Biking is indeed one great option to get you outdoors and help one to focus on something good. It is beneficial for your mind. Also, cycling is a great exercise as well that makes you fit. 

Lastly, we want to tell you that, by following the above tips, you will get a safe and enjoyable biking experience. Enjoy biking, and be safe!

Abdul Basit Sayeed is an avid sports lover. He loves to read, write and talk about sports, health, business and news. He has done Bachelors in Commerce and aspires to become a successful blogger some day.

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