Mobile Gaming Industry: The Timeline

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Mobile Gaming Industry

Gaming, undoubtedly, has become very integrated with modern popular culture that even a 4-year-old has started to love. Video games have been around since the early 70’s. Mobile gaming began in 1997 with the Snake game becoming the first hit mainstream mobile game. In the last 20 years, mobile games have gone from the very simple to virtual games, played by thousands simultaneously every day.

Mobile Gaming in the Past

Although mobile games have been almost existing since cellphones were introduced, the Snake was the first hit game. It was after this that the infrastructure for gaming in mobile phones got rolled out and that was also when the Wireless Internet Protocol (Wi-Fi) came into being. The iOS App Store was launched in 2007, followed by the Android Market by Google. The App store activity data reports began to show that people had started spending longer time using their smartphones for gaming.

Present Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile games

As it is noticed everywhere, people are die-hard fans of PUBG and Fortnite, the games that were initially available on PCs and consoles finally got a mobile version. Today, people all around the world spend hours playing such games. In the summer of 2018, Fortnite started pulling over $100 million a month. Since 2018, mobile games have moved deeply into the broader culture. It can be said, without any hint of doubt that this industry is destined to grow.

The Future Of Mobile Gaming

The launching of 5G that we will see shortly is going to be one of the most significant changes in the infrastructure that will greatly impact the mobile gaming industry. 5G stands for the Fifth generation of wireless networking. 5G has exponentially high speed and low latency due to which it has the potential to enhance your gaming experience. Comparing it to 4G, 5G will have 10-100x speed gains. This means that people will get access to those mobile gaming experiences that were not possible before. We will also be considering the distribution of apps in the next 10 years between Apple and Google.

The technological advancements of 5G will enable faster download and upload speed. This will unlock the ability for mobile games to be downloaded within a matter of seconds. Mobiles games that are larger than a 100 MB will be downloaded in one go without having to go through the annoyance of delays. This will allow players to get the content almost instantly.

5G has got more on its bucket than just faster speed like low latency. This means the amount of time a request takes from going to another server. Players know the irritation on having their inputs delayed or ignored in games.

It is excellent news that 5g is being introduced when there is an equal rise in game streaming services. It is going to be like a streaming app similar to Netflix. It will allow you to have access to a vast catalog of games to stream on any of your devices, including your smartphones, on the basis on monthly payments. Furthermore, these services along with 5G will give access to console and PC quality games in spite of whatever device you are using.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite that are already working so well on mobile, with 5g will enable players to jump directly into the game without slow loading, greater download time, and even lagging. Google, Microsoft, PlayStation and other big tech companies are starting to get the gaming-as-a-service bandwagon. Currently, PlayStation Now has been offering for $20 per month more than 650 on-demand games.

Wrap Up

Shortly the mobile gaming hardware will also be updated. Companies like Razer and ASUS ROG Phone will push mobile hardware even further with the vapour-chamber cooling.

As a whole the introduction of the fifth generation of wireless networking will definitely be a game changer in the mobile gaming industry. Opening doors for new opportunities for game developers and advertisers. It will allow mobile games developers to make high-quality games for gamers.

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