Top 5 Ways to Make a Video Collage with Photos

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Top 5 Ways to Make a Video Collage with Photos

5 Quick and Easy Steps to Make a Video Collage from Photos [Along With Tips]

Are you bored of mindlessly swiping through the photos in your gallery?

Then maybe you should try your hand at creating a photo montage.

Photo montage, or video collages, can be an excellent way to give your plain, old, boring photos a little glam. It contains a series of photographs that you can position in a desirable and appealing fashion. Plus, you can edit the photos, tweak up their settings, and create photo collages to add to the video to make it exciting and less time-consuming.

In this post, you will learn how to transform an image to video, along with some tips and tricks to make the process easy!

5 Steps to Make a Video Collage Using Photos

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of everything that you need to do to create and publish your video collage:

Step 1: Select a Software

Naturally, you need to start by selecting a suitable online photo video maker. You could choose to download the right software or use an online video editing tool, such as InVideo. Once you have made your choice, take the time to familiarize yourself with it. The more functions you play around with, the better grip you will have over your video and photo editing skills.

Step 2: Create a Project

Browse through the built-in themes and templates available in the tool. Select the theme that resonates with you. Since you plan on making a video collage, select this the same as a jumping-off point for video creation.

Now that you have picked up a generic theme, it is time to customize it to your preferences. Pick out the layout, the color palette, the frame sizes depending on what you envision as the final product. Most tools have a number of video styles that can give the photo collage a different look. You can choose to apply these settings to all the slides or separate settings for separate slides.

Step 3: Import All the Images and Sounds

After setting the foundation for your video collage, it is time to include the hero – your photos.

Most applications have an intuitive drag and drop functionality that makes it painless to import videos in your working gallery. Hopefully, by now, you may have sorted through your photo collection to find the images that would fit perfectly in your creation.

In case you wish to use stock images, explore the library section, and search through it to find what works best. Tools like InVideo have over 1 million stock images that can go with almost anything and everything. Similarly, the app also contains a rich and diverse library of royalty-free sounds and audio that you can use freely without worrying about copyright infringement.

Step 4: Edit, Edit, Edit

By now, you may think that you have carried out a bulk of the work. However, this point is just the 50-percent mark!

Yes, a significant part of the video collage creation involves editing!

So, when starting with the editing part, start by queuing up your photos. The best part about tools like InVideo is that you do not have to download any other third-party application to edit your photographs.

You can make any changes, such as applying filters, changing the contrast, flipping the images, cropping, resizing, etc. on the same platform where you are creating the video. The whole platform is your playground, and you can experiment with everything until you find what’s right. 

Keep editing until every element of your video collage fits together perfectly.

Step 5: Save and Publish

As with every digital creation, keep saving your project intermittently to not lose any data or settings.

When you are pleased with the final outcome, preview the video collage one more time before exporting it. You can share it with your friends and family through a single click, or you can download it and have a major screening of your wonderful creation. Regardless of what you choose, all it costs is a simple click!

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Your Video Collage

Now that you know how to turn photos into video collages, you can perfect this art using a few trusted tips and tricks. Here they are:

Tell a Story

Naturally, you may be creating the video collage for some purpose. Maybe this is a wedding video collage that tells the story of how the bride and groom fell in love. Or maybe it is a retirement party where you are covering the major professional achievements of the employee. Hence, you are essentially telling a story through this video. And if you want your video to be effective, it must deliver this message clearly.

If you want to take this task seriously, it would greatly help to create a plan or a narrative. Then, depending on the central theme, you can choose all the elements that need to be added to flesh out the video!

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Whether the video is for entertaining guests at a dinner party or a family get together, the viewers will only grant your content a limited attention span. Hence, to tap into it, you must keep the video collage no longer than 7 to 10 minutes.

Choose the Right Kind of Music

You need to stimulate your audience’s senses. Hence, what they perceive visually should tie in with what they hear. You cannot have overly upbeat or cheerful music when you are creating a video collage to pay homage to a deceased relative! Hence, find the context and pick your track accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Video collages can be an excellent medium to preserve memories. However, when it comes to creating video collages, it can be rather overwhelming. Fortunately, you can overcome the pressure by following the guide above. Most importantly, enjoy the entire process. The point is that you are creating something, and you should have fun as you do it. Only when you truly live out the entire experience, would you be able to display it through your marvelous creations.

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