Understanding Link Building To Enhance Your Marketing Approach

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Understanding Link Building To Enhance Your Marketing Approach

It comes as no surprise that businesses today, irrespective of their niche or size, struggle to promote their brand in the highly competitive business world. For this reason, almost every other company is launching websites and looking for ways to rank higher on search engines. Although Google has about 200 or more ranking factors, website owners can’t overlook link building’s importance.

Link-building techniques can help businesses drive relevant traffic to their sites and increase their ranking on SERPs. It refers to the process of obtaining links from other websites to your web pages. Acquiring high-quality backlinks on your site can boost your SEO and hence improve your digital marketing strategy. It plays a crucial role in determining your site’s relevance and authority.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the link building strategies to help you enhance your marketing approach:

1. Find Broken Links and Fix Them

How many times have you encountered 404 error pages while surfing through the internet? Probably, quite often. When a website shuts down completely, the links on the other websites suffer as well. These broken links are red flags for the host website since it leads to negative user experience.

The broken link-building method or dead link-building is an effective way to deal with these types of links. All you need is to search websites in your niche and find out whether these sites contain 404 errors or not. After figuring it out, contact the host website owners and let them know about their websites’ existing broken links. While doing so, don’t forget to specify the anchor text and the broken link URL address. After this, convince the website owners how your content provides helpful information and will bring value to their readers. Ask them if they would like to swap the broken links with the links to your website. In this way, you can earn outbound links, and the host website will fix its broken links, a win-win situation for both.

2. Conduct Online Interviews

An interview is one of the simplest yet effective techniques to earn backlinks. However, it is best to begin by looking out for websites, be it blogs or some vlogs that host interviews for successful link building. Make sure these websites relate to the type of your industry. It makes no sense to earn links from a website that doesn’t belong to your niche, as these links certainly would not help your website improve rankings. The next step is to send out emails to the relevant personalities. Make sure to add details regarding the purpose of the email, a brief introduction of your site, the interview topic, its overall duration, etc. Also, keep in mind adding a brief description of how this interview will benefit people.

3. Start Guest Blogging

The process of reaching out to other websites and writing for them is known as guest blogging. It is one of the most traditional yet practical methods to get backlinks to your site. Make a list of authoritative websites that allows guest blogging in your niches. Write an effective email to the website editor and request them to accept your guest blog post. Since the competition is tough on high authority sites, you need to create a creative pitch and stand out from others. However, it is to note that the publication of guest blogging might take plenty of time, so you need to be patient.

Moreover, write high-quality content that the site audience enjoys. Who knows, some of these audiences might even become returning visitors to your site since they find your content informative and attractive. Don’t forget to reply to the comments on your blog post to keep the audience engaged.

4. Create High-Quality Content

No matter whichever linking technique you implement, if you are not producing the best quality content on your website, all efforts would go down the drain. Other site owners, bloggers, or your customers would judge your brand based on your site content’s relevancy. So take some time out to strategically plan your content before writing and publishing it. Put it this way, the more high-quality your content, the more your site’s chances to acquire credible links. However, avoid duplicate content at all costs. Search engines can get confused with this type of content. Also, it contains no value; hence it is useless for link-building purposes.

The best way to obtain links is to create evergreen content as they would be relevant for a long time. Additionally, if you want to acquire quick and relevant links, try creating content on exciting and trending topics.

5. Use Skyscraper Content Technique

Although creating top-notch quality content can earn you backlinks, however, you can also leverage skyscraper content to step things up. Find out the content online that has some loose ends. Ask yourself questions like, which information remains unsettled? What part of this content is hard to grasp? Remember adding images and more words don’t always add relevance to the content. You need to insert valuable insights and make up for the incomplete information in the content. Once you have come up with your skyscraper content, reach out to the previously linked websites to the content. Offer them your piece as an alternative and acquire quality backlinks.

6. Design Infographics

You might be paying significant attention to the textual content to earn links, but what about visual content? One of the most modern yet effective ways to acquire links for your website is to design eye-captivating infographics. Infographics are simply a visual representation of any information or data using images, graphs, or charts. It is the best way for users to digest and understand large and complicated information through easy-to-understand visuals. Even if you are not an expert in designing, you can take help from different online tools to design an appealing infographic.

However, don’t forget to keep in mind the following pointers while creating your infographics:

  • Use medium-sized fonts that are easy-to-read for the users
  • Gather data from authentic sources and frame them logically into your infographics
  • Use colors and fonts that represent your brand


If you wish to win a competitive edge over your rivals and make your website rank higher, you must know the basic concept and know-how of SEO. While it easy to implement black hat SEO techniques and buy backlinks; however search engines might penalize your website for this action. You don’t want to end up with links that hold no SEO value at the end of the day. Therefore, always use white hat SEO strategies to build an authentic link portfolio and reap the benefits in the long run.

Abdullah Ghazi is a digital marketing expert who loves to share his knowledge with the world. He is an active blogger who loves to read, write, watch sports and play video games. In addition, he is also a tech geek who keeps track of all the innovations in the world and dreams of becoming one of the top bloggers on the planet.

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