5 Ways That Managed IT Services Can Benefit your Business

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5 Ways That Managed IT Services Can Benefit your Business

The pace of digital development is scary and any business owner that isn’t making the best use of available technology is missing out. Of course, you probably have some tech experience and can fix a broken PC, but there’s so much more to IT and in order for your business to develop in a structured way, you need the help of a managed IT service provider.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you hook up with a leading IT managed services company.

Internet-Based Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, as it is known, enables you to make real-time audio and video calls and at a fraction of the cost of cell phone calls. Whatever your chosen industry, having the ability to video call real-time takes your business communication to the next level. Contact the leading Toronto based provider of IT support, where you can use a wide range of IT services, including VoIP communication, which is easy to set up and much cheaper than using cell phone networks. What do you need to make best use of VoIP tech? The IT managed service provider provides the hardware and the software that allows you and your staff to communicate on the move and with a little training, you are good to go. The system uses your secure cloud network and you are guaranteed great reception, regardless of your location, while VoIP is far cheaper than cell phone use. You can monitor all business communication from your central control panel, plus you can see who is calling whom and for how long, which is a useful tool to have at your disposal.


You can never be too careful when it comes to cyber-security and with a leading IT support firm in your corner, your confidential data is always secure. The provider will also train your staff on best security practices when using the Internet; changing passwords often and knowing how to spot a phishing website is essential information to disseminate to all your employees. Here are a few of the very best YouTube video channels to look out for.

Cloud-Based Data Storage

If you have yet to migrate all your business data to the cloud, this should be a priority, as there are many benefits; staff can access their data from any location and using any digital device. Your data is stored on remote secure servers that can be controlled using permission hierarchies, making sure that only authorized people can access the data. Accountancy staff can carry out their work remotely, using the network to access data securely, while salespeople who are out in the field can easily bring up customer data prior to paying them a visit. Your entire organization will benefit from using cloud solutions and productivity will rise significantly, as all employees have instant access to the data they need in order to do their job.

Disaster Recovery

Research tells us that 1 in 4 of the businesses that shut down due to a disaster never recover, which is one reason to take disaster recovery measures seriously and put a plan in place, should the worst happen. As a business owner, it is your duty to minimize the risks to the business and planning for disaster recovery is a wise thing to do. Of course, you might never need to use your disaster recovery plan, but should the worst happen, you’ll be glad that you had the foresight to create such a plan.

Hardware Support

Computers seem to have a mind of their own and typically malfunction when we need them most, which is yet another reason to seek out a local IT support partner, who will upgrade and repair your IT hardware as and when required. Laser printers, photocopiers and other office equipment are constantly monitored and any issues are quickly dealt with by your IT support partner. Here is some Canadian government information about IT security, which you might find interesting reading.

If you have a leading IT support company in your corner, your business will benefit in many ways and anything technical, they have your back and will offer planning advice to ensure that your business stays ahead of your rivals.

If you would like a free assessment of your current IT services, Google can help put you in touch with a leading Toronto-based IT support company, who have all the solutions. They can demonstrate VoIP communications, which are much cheaper than using a telephone network, plus they can help you migrate to the cloud and that will take your business to the next level.

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