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IPVanish provides three different packages for all of its customers; a monthly, quarterly and yearly plan. It provides the most discounts on its annual premium offer. It also allows its customers a free trial of 3 days in the beginning. If the customer likes the service, he or she may purchase it. IPVanish gives the ability to change its IP address quickly. It has a customer service center which works 24/7 to resolve all the issues of its customers. It operates in more than 75 different locations as well.

Website Overview

IPVanish Review Website

IPVanish is famous for providing a complete online website, which is easy to use, user-friendly, and informative. The control is clearly situated on the site to make sure the navigation process is more comfortable, reducing the difficulty.

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Pricing Plans

IPVanish allows a customer to use the internet with full privacy easily. Although money does not promise happiness, it might help a customer to get the most from this privacy.
So, the IPVanish provides three different options to its customers. The primary objective of IPVanish is making it affordable. The details are as follows

  • Monthly option for $10.00/month
  • Three months option for $8.99/month
  • Yearly opportunity for $6.49/month

Pick Your Plan

1 Month
$ 10.00
Per Month
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Billed $10.00 Monthly
7-Day Money back Guarantee

Save 46%
1 Year
$ 6.49
Per Month
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Billed $77.99 Annually
7-Day Money back Guarantee

3 Months
$ 8.99
Per Month
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Billed $26.99 Every 3 Months
7-Day Money back Guarantee

Apart from these attractive packages to select from, IPVanish also provides other services such as a seven-day refund to its customers. Other companies usually give more extra in the expensive packages like package 2 or 3, but IPVanish provides equal benefits and bonuses in all the three packages mentioned above.

Unlike other working companies of the same field, IPVanish provides full safety in terms of keeping the data of the customer, far from the harmful agencies. Also, IPVanish has set no limit to its bandwidth to make sure that the customers are satisfied. It also provides some extra benefits like a free trial of 3 days, with the ability to refund the service within the seven days after the purchase, Hot Spot protection, etc. all these services are provided as an extra benefit in order to ease up the buying process.

Modes of Payment

IPVanish Review Payment Methods

Different ways are there for the payment process. The only logical reason behind this is to remove any issue that may exist in the process. Removing problems from this process does increase the interest of the customer and also enables the client to understand the process more smoothly, mostly when the payment is made through the Bitcoin process.

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An individual while purchasing a VPN  service looks for all the features that are provided by the company .therefore the specific locations and quantity of the servers is considered an essential element of the service providing company. For this very reason, the servers were supposed to value. Hence these servers were studied just to present the findings to the customers in a more visible way. There are various causes which motivate the customer to buy this VPN service.

IPVanish Review Servers

For example, an adequate amount of servers located in 75 different countries. This motive does motivate the customers in buying the VPN service. This ability helps the client to stay connected to any place, any time, easily. Therefore, such knowledge does help an individual to make more decisions based on their choices, get complete access to the various website accessible or inaccessible. IPVanish also provides about more than 40,000+ IP’s to select from.

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IPVanish Kill Switch

For IPVanish, it is the critical responsibility to store the data of the customer in such a way that it is not taken over by other agencies.

Also, IPVanish provides the opportunity to kill the connection, which allows the client to close all of the online operating data instantly. It is a helpful method which ensures the maximum safety of the customer. In case of no connectivity, all the online working data is turned off, until the connection is reconnected. Hence all this can be done by pressing a single button.

Change IP’s as you Want

IPVanish Review Compatibilty

IPVanish provides its clients with an opportunity to select the respective IP addresses aimlessly. In short, It allows you to change the address of the IP’s for the given time. Those who consider their privacy the most crucial aspect could gain much more control in the overall process. Therefore, the ability to change from one IP address to another hides the client from hackers and spying agencies.

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Enhanced Mac VPN App

IPVanish keeps its focus in removing any difficulty from the path of its user. Similarly, the users of Mac can now easily be pleased with the help of the new version. This allows the client to select the servers as favorites in case they seem to be entirely pleased with the performance of the respective server. Hence the client may increase its work on the selected favorite servers.

IPVanish Customer Support

The IPvanish  Company was facing almost the same kind of service claim. They stated that they did provide 24/7 service, but still, I was unable to get complete access in terms of the live chat process. Therefore, an email was dropped regarding the issue was delivered and in about 5-8 minutes, a prompt response was received.  My email stated that what are the specific protocols that might help me connect easily, hence reducing the connectivity issue, without decreasing the potential speed of the internet.

IPVanish Features

The bitcoin helps in making numerous business transactions. It is a primary currency which serves the exchange purpose easily. It allows the customer to even hide to the respective service operator. Hence, IPVanish provides various types of payments methods. For example, it entertains payments through PayPal, WorldPay, or credit card.

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The Windows VPN Client

The latest version of the IPVanish is more visible, as compared to the previous versions of the VPN software. It provides additional benefits or features which enable a customer to choose the type of connection, location, etc. The new version also offers an even better support button as well as a separate account. Secondly, it allows the client to change its IP address randomly. This ensures the privacy of the client from the hackers, or spying agencies. The taskbar provided on the website allows the client to control and measure the connection.

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IPVanish VPN Review – The Perfect Value For Money!

So we may define that IPVanish VPN has grown from its original position, it verifies continuously as the best service providers in its field of business. Therefore, we do support its ability to develop and advice the clients to apply for this service. The low prices and a good server speed make this VPN service a great choice for your devices. It also works on all major devices so all you have to do is subscribe and start enjoying this great service.

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