Reasons Why to Invest in No Medical Exam Life Insurance

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Reasons Why to Invest in No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Without a medical exam, it’s possible for you to invest in no medical exam life insurance to avoid some of the rejection associated with completing a medical exam during your application. And, it’s essential to understand the reasons that this might be a good idea for you if you seek a no exam whole life insurance policy. The best reasons for investing in this form of insurance are the wide-ranging benefits of this form of insurance. 

For example, those who have experienced setbacks like rejected applications in the past can obtain a policy at a reasonable price, and you might go to a no exam policy to skip the hassle of a doctor’s appointment. You won’t need to endure a potentially invasive exam and suffer the headache of coordinating a quick appointment, and you won’t be rejected from the beginning by health issues. 

Let’s not assume, however, that insurers don’t care about finding out about your health simply because a medical exam is not required. Actually, instead of a medical exam, you will answer medical questions (in most cases) which truthfully explore your health in different ways. This helps insurers more specifically calculate the risk associated with your application which is higher than traditional policies. 

Nevertheless, as you explore the benefits we list as reasons to invest in no exam life insurance, you will easily see that this could be an excellent option. So, keep reading to see why you should invest in this kind of life insurance through a trusted and professional insurer like

You can apply simply, quickly, and easily.

The process of acquiring and applying for life insurance is greatly streamlined by avoiding the requirement of a medical exam from the beginning. Actually, for many people the requirement and need for a medical exam actually stops them from pursuing a policy that could be a really good investment. This is one of the reasons that no exam insurance is such a good idea for some people. And, the insurance company can collect all the details they need about you through an online questionnaire exploring your health with a few clicks and fields. 

You can stop unnecessary, slow appointments.

As you well know, medical exams and doctor’s appointments that include an invasive physical are often required by traditional forms of life insurance policy applications. The hassle of these appointments is well-known to slow down the application process and it produces anxiety for a lot of applicants, deterring them from seeking the life insurance that they need for themselves and their families. 

You’ll avoid the challenge of troubled health.

The plain truth is that these medical exams are too time-consuming, tedious, and challenging for the person who wants a simple, fast policy that they are looking for. Further, the medical exam adds so much additional information for many applicants with a troubled health past that they may be completely inefficient and unhelpful for these applicants of advanced health or who have experienced recent illness. 

You’ll still have a number of policy choices. 

When you shop for life insurance without completing an exam, you’ll see that you have at least two great options. This makes up the two major kinds of whole life insurance that you can choose even if you never complete an exam or offer health information as part of your application. The three forms are Simplified Issue, Guaranteed Issue, and Group policies. Since you have more than one option, this makes investment in life insurance even smarter. 

Through a Simplified Issue policy, for example, you might obtain $500,000 in potential coverage which can be substantial for many who have struggled to obtain larger, more traditional forms of life insurance. While it may not be the same amount that exists for these traditional policies, it is helpful and recommended for those who don’t mind sharing answers to a health questionnaire. 

The other option for a seeker of life insurance is a Guaranteed Issue policy. This is a last resort for some, but it’s still a great choice for those who have been disqualified on the basis of previous conditions and troubled health. Instead of completing an exam, you answer a simple questionnaire and your insurer, like Sproutt, determines coverage from there. 

If you want to acquire and invest in life insurance without having to go through a physical exam, contact Sproutt today to learn why it might be a good idea for you in your unique situation and for your personal needs. Invest in your future and in security for your family so that you can finally get the peace of mind life insurance brings. 

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