Understanding the Importance of Penetration Testing To Your Business

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Understanding the Importance of Penetration Testing To Your Business

When they’re not proactive with their network’s security, any business can potentially lose their major assets, customers, clients, and a significant amount of money. There is so much to lose when a company’s IT department fails to assess a potential cyber attack during the operation. In today’s world, where technology continually evolves, every business must invest in performing penetration testing to avoid all these data breaches.

However, keeping a stable security system in an ever-changing hacking environment is a continuous challenge. Cyber attackers can consistently find new forms or innovate to gain access to a firm’s system and expose sensitive data.

The Process

When you talk about a penetration test, it involves testing the existing system if it is solid enough to block a potential cyber attack. Some “pretend hackers,” or known as white hats, will conduct these potential breaches to the firm’s system.

The tests vary but will primarily include scanning of weaknesses or called a vulnerability scan. This is generally executed by using a particular software. While on a pen test, it will be done by a team of individuals or IT professionals. Hence, it is believed that penetration testing is a more comprehensive and worthwhile investment.

The Need For a Pen Test

Conducting such a test is ideal for revealing the system’s vulnerabilities and if the existing cybersecurity technique is reliable. With that said, a test is imperative when you are applying for a cybersecurity certification.

Evaluate The IT Infrastructure

When firms add new systems, products, services, or perform upgrades to their infrastructure, they must know how the transformations will affect their security system. Sometimes, when they expand and open a new branch, that will also mean adding another network, which will surely impact their existing system. Running a pen test will determine loopholes requiring urgent resolution or security protocols that might be affected and need updating.

Try The Current Security System

Of course, the implementation of a security system is one thing; testing its effectiveness is another. The IT department must gauge the level of its security and its effectiveness to keep their data safe and secure. Through a regular pen test, all the issues will be discovered and addressed immediately. When there is news regarding viruses or innovative ways of data breaches, you can immediately know its impact by conducting the said test and determining who to stop it from intruding into your system.

The “pretend hackers” are as competent as the real hackers to try out hacking activities on the existing system and identify which areas need improvement or modification. These white hat hackers can also anticipate what a real hacker may resort to if they couldn’t crack one aspect of the system. A seasoned cybersecurity professional will cover every side of the system and fully protect it by enforcing security best practices.

Continuous Assessment

Since a cybersecurity program is as essential as any company asset, it should be regularly assessed, especially if it holds massive sensitive information. When conducting a pen test, it will determine the protected areas like the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of the information.

When you know the system’s vulnerabilities that need urgent resolution and the higher management has yet decided on whether or not to approve a budget for a system upgrade, a pen test will corroborate your recommendations. This will convince the top management of the pressing matters that must be prioritized, and allocate a substantial budget since protecting the company’s sensitive information is a worthwhile investment after all.

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