Impact Of Coronavirus On Sports

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Coronavirus and sports

Due to coronavirus, the world is significantly impacted by the cancellation of major sports. No games will be played across the whole world, which means a reduction in ticket sales. The world has gone dark by losing around $160 billion In just the month of march 2020.

A high number of consequences have been faced by athletes, team leaders, organizations, and a high number of people who are related to sports. The 2020 world athlete has been postponed to next year. The Tokyo marathon runners were also running on the streets.

Le Bron has faced a significant loss of around $4000000 which he used to earn per game. Not only Le Bron has suffered losses, but other small players have also lost all their incomes too.

The N.B.A makes around $9 billion per game only through social media. Due to potential losses on tickets sale, the N.B.A has decided to refund the money back. N.B.A has decided on not holding any matches or spending money on travelling for events because players have been paid at a low percentage.

Eventually, the matches of golf and tennis will be rescheduled for recovering the money they lost. The players are all independent contractors. The charity partners of PGA have faced a significant loss because they used to conduct the matches. The tournaments raised $204 million last year. Each lost tournaments would cost a high range of percentages.

Thursday night, the most known boxer cancelled his flight for deciding the timetable or rescheduled days on which boxing is going to take place.

A significant effect on football matches `is suspended till 3 April in England. The biggest question in the audience mind is “ who is going to win the series?” football is a game that is played worldwide with a high number of players from the world.

Coronavirus has become the reason for the cancellation of squash matches, but now the condition is under control.

A wide range of cricket matches have been cancelled or postponed across the world including Pakistan super league which is known as PSL. PSL eliminator round has been cancelled, and semi-finals and finals have been postponed. Also, the IPL has been delayed to April. Previously the matches were being played, but no audience was allowed to enter th premises of the cricket stadium.

Badminton, the most played game across the world with a high level of range but now have postponed, unfortunately.

The coronavirus has genuinely destroyed the whole world, including the UK, the USA, Italy, Spain, Pakistan and many countries which were hosting tournaments. This deadly virus started with China to Italy and gradually throughout the world. Coronavirus has taken millions of innocent lives. Students have also suffered a lot in terms of education. If this continues, the economy would also face many monetary problems.

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