How to Stop Headaches Naturally Without Using Medicine?

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How to Stop Headaches Naturally Without Using Medicine?

Headache is something common that everyone has to go through now and then. Although sometimes it can be life-threatening still there are ways to cure it. Every type of headache carries different symptoms which can enable your physician to determine the root cause and treat it properly. However, most headaches are not caused by severe illnesses, so the question arises, how to stop headaches naturally?

To answer that question, first, you have to find out the cause of the headache. There are two classifications of headaches.

Reasons for Headache

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches are caused by some compound brain activity. This type does not carry symptoms of any serious illness. The stress in the muscles of your neck or the veins surrounding the brain and skull can cause that type of headache. Some people have genetic issues that can cause such headaches.

The primary type includes migraine with and without aura, cluster and tension headache, etc. Some primary headaches have different symptoms like lasting for usually a long time or due to any certain activity. For example, chronic headaches cough and exercise headaches. If you experience these fewer common types, you should consult your physician.

Some other factors can trigger primary headaches such as, drinking wine, consuming a large amount of red or processed meat, disturbed sleep cycle, eating disorder, and tension.

The uplifting news is you can cure the primary headaches naturally at home. You can try a few simple things to know how to stop the headache naturally and avoid the visit to the physician.

Ice Pack

Keep an icepack on your forehead and in case you don’t have icepack you can use a bag of frozen anything, like peas or ice cubes. Keep the icepack on your forehead for 10 minutes then put it back after some time. Taking a quick cold shower will also help with your migraine.

Heating Pad

In the case of sinus or stress headache, the heating pad would work amazingly. Keep the heating pad on the back of your neck or head. Taking a long hot bath will also relax your muscles and reduce the severity of headaches.

Reduce the External Pressure

Keeping a tight ponytail or wearing a cap that is too tight can cause headaches. If you have been wearing something tight around your head for a long time, removing or loosening up a bit will ease the external tension and reduce the headache.

Take a Screen-break

If you have sensitivity towards bright or flickering lights, you should take a break from your PC or mobile after every half hour and rest your eyes. It can cause migraines. You can get a night-mode screen for your pc or turn the brightness low. Washing the face and eyes with cold water or keeping cucumber slices on eyes will help soothe the nerves.

Chewing Less

If you get early morning headaches, you need to look out for your chewing habits. Working out your jaw too much by chewing gum can let the pain travel from your jaw to head. Do not chew your fingernails or grind your teeth. Make sure that you eat food which isn’t too hard to chew and eat in small bites.

Caffeine Dependency

If you have been drinking coffee or tea for a long time, you will experience headaches if you skip your caffeine intake. If you are planning on reducing caffeine consumption, then consult with your physician and do it slowly. If you pull off at once, you will get severe migraines.

However, if you are not caffeine dependent, you might want to drink a little bit of coffee or tea to reduce a minor headache.


Mediating while listening to natural sounds of the jungle, rain, or just some calming music will immensely be relaxing your mind at once. Or you can laugh out your pain. Watching something which makes you laugh also helps in calming your stressed nerves.


Doing a massage on your temples, head, and neck, and reduce the inflammation and headache. You can do it with coconut oil which contains properties that cool down and soothe the headache.

Herbal Tea

Resect research found out that ginger tea will ease the migraines or other types of primary headaches. You can buy it off stores or brew at home. It would be better than taking any medications.

Secondary Headaches

The secondary type usually indicates a severe type of headaches. The symptoms usually have an underlying disease which activates the pain-sensory nerves causing acute headaches. Some of the types are brain freeze, spinal, thunderclaps, sinus headaches, etc. If you are experiencing headaches with severity, you better get thoroughly checked.

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