How to Report an Accident to Insurance: First to the Last Step to Claim to the Insurer

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How to Report an Accident to Insurance: First to the Last Step to Claim to the Insurer

No one is ready for a car accident. Yet often, responsible or not, taking lessons, we forget the steps to follow to declare their accident and be compensated. You must take various steps as quickly as possible to maintain and assert your rights.

It is essential to ensure your statements; they will have a decisive impact on the rest of your proceedings and your compensation.

So, when and how to report an accident to insurance?

Notify the Competent Authorities In The Event Of a Personal Injury

In the event of a claim involving a bodily accident, it is essential to alert the police or the authority. Police will be responsible for securing the scene of the accident. Also, they will establish a report on the circumstances of the accident. You will get the recording of the identity of witnesses and drivers involved in the accident.

Make a Statement or Report

A report is an official document that you must complete with the third party involved in the accident. It details the conditions under which the facts occurred and allows insurance companies to determine the wrongs between drivers.

It is essential to process your compensation file to indicate the incident’s time, date, and precise location. Also, it indicates the contact details and names of all the people involved. And finally, the detailed description of the accident is also there.

All this information is present in what is called the “amicable report.” Without this document, the procedures tend to be much more complicated.

Now, you have both an online and offline form to make an amicable report.

How And To Whom Should You Report An Injury Accident?

There are two things you must do after getting injured in any personal injury accident. Please go through both of them below. It will make it easy for you to go through the entire process of claiming for insurance you deserve.

If you are covered by social insurance

You must send your doctor’s orders, treatment sheets, and possibly your work stoppage certificate to your social insurance organization.

If you have taken out personal insurances

If you have taken out an individual accident cover, you must send the insurance companies concerned about an accident declaration. Personal insurance can be specific or annexed to your multi-risk home contract, life insurance, school or extra-school insurance (for children), etc. you must send the report by registered letter within five working days from the date of the accident.

In this letter, you must indicate-

  • The name and number of your insurance policy
  • The date, place, and exact circumstances of the accident
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • Your address and place of hospitalization

Report the Loss to Your Insurer

It is essential to report the claim to your insurer as quickly as possible. In this situation, it is necessary not to waste time and start the process as soon as possible. As we said before, you can inform your insurer of the loss by mail, registered mail, going to your agency, or phone.

The faster the declaration, the quicker you will get the compensation. With the report, you can attach the letter of declaration of the loss. It is essential to respect the deadlines given by the Insurance Code for the statement. In the event of non-compliance, the insurer reserves the right not to compensate you.

Depending on individual situations, your insurer may ask you for other documents, such as photos, an estimate for the repairs, or even a complaint if it is theft. They are essential in order to be able to claim compensation. Your insurer can also appoint an expert to cost the repairs and determine the cause of the loss.

The repairs

Above all, you should not start repairs before having the agreement of your insurer. If you start them without this agreement, your insurer may refuse to compensate you. The expertise is done in the repairer’s presence, but you have every right to attend if you wish.


Insurers also have deadlines, which depend on many criteria imposed by law to compensate you. Generally, they are 90 days to 12 months to make an offer of compensation. Be careful not to confuse the deadline for offering compensation and the payment period; these are two different things.


It is the question that many people ask themselves after a disaster: “how to report an accident to insurance?” In the event of an accident, keep you calm and take your steps carefully. One mistake can cost you your insurance claim. That is why we recommend taking advice from experts such as ICBC lawyers.

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