How to Repair Manual Roller Shutter: Expert Guideline

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How to Repair Manual Roller Shutter: Expert Guideline

Malfunctioning or problem in roller shutter is troublesome and disgusting. If you face issues with the roller shutter, this writing is for you. Here we have outlined the most common problems that occur in a roller shutter. You will also find some tips on how to repair manual roller shutters. So, keep reading till the end.

Most common problems and how to fix them

Roller security is one of the most commonly used components in the shop or organization for ensuring security services. If it doesn’t start working properly, it needs to repair quickly. The most common problems of roller shutters are given below.

  • Shutters only shutting halfway
  • Shutter condition

People are facing these problems mostly on it. Let’s know how to repair them when you face these problems.

Shutters won’t open or shut

The first step is to check whether it opens or not. In this case, you should check the connection of it. Check the connection that the light is on or not. If you still are facing this problem, you have to step forward to réparation volet roulant manuel sangle from any locksmith company.


This sometimes happens in the roller secure. When it is used for a long period, it gets hotter and doesn’t run properly. Then it needs to cool again. When you feel that the shutter may face this problem, you need to check it properly. You should take a specific time to cool the shutter before using it.

Shutters are sticking

When the shutter isn’t maintained or run properly, it has been jammed and doesn’t run nicely at all. In this connection, it is a problem of lubrication. The shutter needs to give oil to run properly. In this matter, you should give lubricants or oil to the shutter. It will help to run it smoothly and doesn’t create sound at all.

Shutters only shutting halfway

People are using automated roller shutter to get better service. But it operated based on sensors and other mechanical components on it. When the shutter’s sensors get dirtier or the sensor’s structure gets damaged, it works half and leaves the shutter half off.

In this connection, you need to check the sensors, whether it is dirty or not. If everything is clean and clear about the sensor issue, you check the other issue to fix.

Shutter condition

Your roller shutter’s condition is mainly responsible for the problems. If it doesn’t run or operate properly, you need to check it and determine the real problem. Next, you have to find out the solution. In this connection, the frequency of problems depends on the condition of it.

These are the most common and frequent problems that people are facing nowadays on the Roller Shutter. When a person has checked out all the issues and can’t determine the real problem, you need to call the locksmith (ex. Serrurier Belgium) to get better service and later enjoy the shutter.

Benefits That a Roller Shutter Gives

We are accused of it. Thinking about it, people have to do tasks carefully in fixing them. The shutter is used for the home’s window or doors. This is not used not only for the weather issue but also for the security issue as well. In this matter, you have to know tips for fixing the Roller shutter’s problems. Let’s move.

  • Safety
  • Temperature Controller
  • Long-Lasting
  • Simply Maintained

These are the most common benefits that a roller shutter gives to the surrounding area.


People mostly use it for security purposes. It protects us from danger like thief, bad weather, and others issue. It doesn’t give safety rather than more. People can stay their home easily without any worry because of it.

Temperature Controller

It works as a temperature controller. It saves us from danger. In every house, we use it to get a better temperature position.


The roller shutter is made from strong metal or aluminum. It stands in a great position and doesn’t break the position. Thus, it is a long-lasting material.

Apart from these, the person who uses Roller shutter get other more benefits like Light Control, lessen Noise, defense Against Weather, bushfire and Fire Protection, stylish Design, and adding more value to the home.

FAQs to knew?

  • How often should Roller Shutters be serviced?

 It depends on the physical condition of it. But it should be serviced at least one time a single year.

  • How does an automated roller Shutter work?

An automated Roller close works based on the sensors used on it. If it becomes dirty, it seldom works.


Falling into a Roller Shutter problem is a common phenomenon in our daily lives, but the greater thing is determining the exact problem and fixing them properly.

By reading this article or following it, you will be careful enough to check the issue and decide the correct thing. When you check all the issues and can’t determine the exact problem, call a locksmith to get the solution. This is the final step of getting the solution to these problems.

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