How to Repair Jammed Car Door Lock: The Definite Guideline

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How to Repair Jammed Car Door Lock: The Definite Guideline

Think that you are late for your office and you have an important client meeting there. After being ready, you are going to unlock your car, and it is not opening. You are trying and trying, but it is not really working; actually, it is jammed, and your car door lock is stuck. How would you feel at that time? Surely very disgusting. Maybe you have faced this type of situation, and that is why you are here.

At that time, the first thing that will come in your mind is calling a locksmith service near you. We refer to HSLS.BE for you if you are in Belgium. They will provide you the fastest services. But if you want to fix it by yourself, there also have some options for it.

Here in this article, we will talk about the options or ways how to repair jammed car door lock. Hopefully, this article will be very beneficial for you to solve your problem.

How to Repair Jammed Car Door Lock: The Definite Guideline

Repairing a locking system seems like a very complex task for everyone. But the thing is, it is not. If you know some tricks, it will take only one or two minutes for you (not in all the situations). Anyways, now we are going to find the most common reasons for the jammed car door lock, and then we will give you the definite guideline on how to repair it. Let’s start.

Structural damages

After an accident, if your door lock is jammed or stuck, at that time, this will be the most common reason. By accident, many kinds of damages can happen, including structural damage within your locking system.

Rust, grime

Rust in your locking system can be another reason for a jammed car door lock. This thing happens when someone doesn’t use his car regularly.

Broken connections

If a car door is jammed, the first problem that can happen to it is breaking the internal and external connections. More clearly, broken connections mean breaking connections within the door panel or door assembly. It is the most common problem that happens to the car door lock.

Lack of maintenance

Lack of maintenance can also be a reason for a jammed car door lock. You should always take care of your car if you want to get a smooth service from it. We recommend you drive your car at least one time a week. Clean it; wash it, and apply lubricants in the joints of the doors and locks.

Now we will give you the solutions on how to repair jammed car door lock without any locksmith. Here are the solutions you can use:

Cleaning and lubricating

The first thing you can do when you have a jammed car lock is lubricating your lock. Here a dry lubricant is better than an oil-based lubricant. Because using an oil-based lubricant attracts dirt and dust into your lock. Then again, if you want to use an oil-based lubricant, you can use WD-40.

If you can clean and lubricate the lock of your car door regularly, surely you will not face this kind of problem ever in your life. It can increase the lifetime of your lock. Whenever you face this type of problem, you must apply a lubricant to your lock and then simply try to unlock your lock. Don’t force too much. Just try again and again. You will get the result slowly but surely.


Sometimes lock may not be unlockable anymore. At that time, you need to replace the lock. For replacing the lock, you need to access the proper replacement part first. We will discuss the process of reaching your lock properly below. Once you reach you the replacement parts of your car, you will easily be able to replace your car yourself. You just need to buy some new parts from the nearby markets.

Preventing rust

If rust is the main problem for your car, you need to take care of it. You always need to keep your car away from water. Water can be the main reason for the rust of your car lock. Then again, if water enters the lock of your car, try to clean that with a dryer.

These are the solutions you can use yourself to fix your jammed car door lock. However, there have some other factors considering this locking system.

What Should You Do While You Are Stuck In the Car?

Sometimes, you are in an accident and cannot come out of your car because the car door lock is locked. At that time, you will be in serious danger. Or you are outside your car, and you need to open the door. You can apply the following steps there:

  • You need to try all the available ways to enter your car. If you are stuck in the car, it’s not for you.
  • If you cannot enter into the car, try a different door to enter the car- for example, the trunk.
  • Then you need to find out the interior side of the lock that is stuck.
  • Now you have to find out the set screw of the lock panel.
  • After that, you need to unscrew them.
  • The lock panel should be opened after removing the screw. If it doesn’t, then you try to disassemble the lock panel partially.
  • After that, you will reach the door lock assembly. Then you need to manipulate both the assembly and interior door lock.
  • Finally, search for a temporary way to open your car door lock and move the latch.

You should always close your door properly. Sometimes you will find your door is stuck open, which can cause a serious accident. At that time, you need to fix it first and then drive. Before fixing the jammed door lock, you shouldn’t move. Here some steps you can try.

  • Firstly, you have to locate the car door latch.
  • Then, locate the gap that fastens the hasps on your car door.
  • Insert thin tool and lock like a pen or key in the gap.
  • Push the latch toward your car in an upward motion.
  • After that, you will easily be able to close the door.

If your door is still jammed even after doing all the things we have given in this article or you cannot follow our given steps, you need to call a locksmith. In that case, you can check out serrurier à Tournai for the most affordable and the fastest locksmith service in Tournai city.

Bottom Line

When the door lock of your car is jammed, sometimes it is easy to solve. But sometimes, you may find some complex problem that will not be able to solve easily. In that case, you need some professional locksmiths.

Then again, you should try our given step first because we have given you the actual ways that are used by the professional locksmiths.  Anyways, in this article, we have given you the easiest ways and definite guidelines on how to repair the jammed car door lock. We hope you will be able to solve your problem by following our given step. If you are successfully repairing your jammed lock, let us know in the comment section.

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