How to Repair Exterior Shutters [Expert Guideline]

How to Repair Exterior Shutters [Expert Guideline]

There are several types of shutter materials, such as wood. Wooden shutters are of a much higher quality than other materials (PVC shutters, aluminum shutters, etc.). The thermal insulation and sound insulation of your PVC windows and your wooden windows are thus increased.

Likewise, impact resistance (break-in) is among the best for a quality wood shutter, of course. That is why, when renovating the exterior shutters, you have to keep certain things in mind. Here is our take on how to repair exterior shutters.

Restoring Old Shutter: Repair and Insulate

Shutter Repair Tools

Although if you consider calling Service de réparation de volets professional help, you don’t need any tool. But in case of minor repairs, you can do it yourself. You will then need some very common tools. Such as:

  • Tilt Rod
  • Panel Reinforcing Screws 
  • Louvers Staples
  • Nylon Louvre Pins
  • Spring Loaded Shutter Repair Pins
  • Staple Glue Gel
  • Repair Instructions

Wooden shutter: Sophisticated repairing

Seasons and bad weather have not spared your blinds and shutters. Don’t panic; it is possible to renovate them so that they regain their full splendor. The renovation of wooden shutters is a job that requires adapted tools and know-how:

  • Remove and sand shutters (door window, roof window, skylight, etc.).
  • Use a putty gun, paint stripper, etc.
  • Repair an apron.
  • Change a lock.
  • The installation of shutters, interior blinds, or exterior blinds.

It is important to know how to paint a casement correctly or how to apply special paint for exotic wood. The bad homemade work can cause additional damage and cost you more. The professionals of Dlocks offer their service and guarantee quality work.

Swing shutters: relatively easy to repair alone

Hinged shutters tend to twist and sag due to the size of their leaves. Their maneuver can then become difficult, if not impossible. If the fasteners on your PVC shutters are metal, peeling paint can cause them to rust. It will damage your shutters. Scrape the corroded areas to remove the paint. Treat the fasteners with an anti-corrosion product and repaint them.

If it is the shutter blades that are damaged or deformed, remove the bars and slings. Separate the blades and replace the damaged ones with new ones before reassembling the shutter.

Manual rolling and sliding shutters

Roller shutters are easily removable. If the crank turns in a vacuum, for example, it is usually broken teeth on the winch gear. Take the apron (all the blades) off the axle and replace the winch.

If the blades are damaged, replace the damaged ones by removing the shutter. If you don’t have one, DIY stores and specialty stores will provide you with spare parts for standard models. If your model is specific, contact the manufacturer as unsuitable parts can inevitably damage it.

The apron can also be replaced in its entirety, without touching the rest of the shutter. After a few years, sliding shutters may need to replace the rail to facilitate the leaves’ sliding.

Maintain your exterior shutters

Having wooden shutters is very aesthetic but requires considerable maintenance. This is especially true for all exterior shutters. The growth of moss and mold is another factor in deterioration.

A PVC shutter or an aluminum shutter requires very simple and inexpensive maintenance. This is also why many homes are equipped with electric aluminum or PVC roller shutters.

An electric roller shutter motor offers additional comfort to its users. It is also possible to motorize a manual crank roller shutter. There are different types of electric shutters:

  • PVC roller shutter.
  • Aluminum roller shutter.
  • Solar roller shutter.
  • Custom-made roller shutter.

A motorized roller shutter allows you to protect the slats by winding the shutter apron in the formwork. The latter is generally located at the level of the lintel of the dwelling.

However, wooden shutters remain more efficient and noble than other materials. In order to limit the effects of time and bad weather, it is advisable to clean the surface regularly.

Wipe a cloth with lukewarm water to remove stains from your shutters. Add to that a coat of stain or coating suitable for woodwork every 3 years. Your shutters will keep their performance and beauty.

Shutter Repair Cost

The repairing services actually cover a wide area. There can be different types of repair needed. And depending on the severity, the price can differ.

In general, the most common repairing can cost from 200$ to 300$. However, in the case of an exterior shutter, the price can rise up to 600$. That is because the exterior shutter can face extensive damages.


Our recommendation will always be calling a professional for an electrical problem. If the problem is minor and you know how to repair exterior shutters, you can go ahead. However, these issues are often quite complex. Do not hesitate to bring in an electrician or to call on the manufacturer of your shutters. You will have the certainty of a job well done in complete safety.

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