How to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

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How to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

According to one study by National Public Radio, over half of the kids in the USA own a smartphone by the age of 11. Furthermore, the study reveals that 84 percent of teenagers have their phones. 

This is how smartphones are becoming accessible for every age group in the country. 

While the use of smartphones has simplified communication more than ever, the associated concerns can’t be sidelined. 

After all, kids are innocent and don’t have all the basic knowledge about technology and its cons. They are less likely to get cautious while entering the unpredictable virtual world. They are prone to cyberbully, cyber predators, scammers, malware, and other risks. 

That’s why your concern about the safety of your kids can be justified. To ensure the safety of your kids over the Internet, you should keep an eye on their online activities. This way, you can prevent them from getting into trouble. 

If you monitor your kid’s phone, you can know them better and their friend circle too. This will give you peace of mind that your kid is not keeping the wrong company. It will also let you know if they are accessing inappropriate content. Plus, you can be aware of their locations in case they get lost or lose their phone somewhere. 

Here are the things while monitoring your kid’s phone. 

Be Honest About What You’re Doing and Why:

Don’t be intrusive to keep track of your kid’s activities over the phone. 

Be honest about what you’re doing and why. 

Explain why monitoring their phone is important for their safety and protection. For example, they can be assured of help in case they get lost or lose their phone. It is also important to educate your kids on cybersecurity and certain online threats as well. 

Register their Devices with Your Email ID:

This can be helpful with Android devices. It enables you to see their location as well as other updates made to the devices. Ask them to use the same email ID while they subscribe to new services. 

Use a Good Phone Tracking App:

Using a phone tracking app is the simplest way to monitor your kid’s phone. All you need to install the app on their phone. You will get all updates through a control panel. Most of these apps provide you with real-time location information. 

If you are looking for a reliable phone tracking app, look no further than Phone Tracker. It is a complete app that helps you track everything, from GPS locations to text messages. Besides, it keeps you aware of the online activities as well as the incoming and outgoing calls. It is compatible with over 98% of Android devices. The download is FREE and SIMPLE. 

Frequently Check their Device Usage:

Ask your kids if they can provide you their phones for frequent checking. Make sure they shouldn’t feel that they are being spied on. Just assure them that their device is being checked for viruses or other risks that can damage their phones. If it is still challenging for you to ask for their phone, a phone tracking app can be a great help. It helps you know their past locations as well as other activities being made over the phone. 

Bottom Line:

Hope these tips would help you monitor your kid’s phone efficiently. However, as we have told you earlier, you should earn their trust before monitoring their phone so that they don’t feel that they are being monitored. Otherwise, they can hide things from you. Tell them that this process is for their safety and protection.  What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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