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With a plethora of platforms available on the internet, it has become a challenge to find the best one that completely fulfills your requirements. People view these platforms with regard to reliable user experience, online security, and splendid free email service. Microsoft ranks at the top if we look around at some of the best email service providers. Microsoft’s email service is a competitor of Google’s Gmail, as you can see by comparing a few of its outstanding features.

Hotmail offers its users a free channel for receiving and sending emails from all around the globe. It poses no specific restrictions that can prevent internet users from having a stable connection in any part of the world.

The irresistible feature of Hotmail is that it also gives online threats and anti-spam-secured email services that are protected end-to-end. If you need to come across other comparative features of the Hotmail email service, then you should see it provides connectivity to other services as well. These services include Xbox Live, Skype, Windows Live ID, etc.

Several internet users still don’t know or are not on the platform’s part. Becoming a user of Hotmail email is effective and straightforward. It only demands a handful of minutes to set up an email account and obtain support from valuable services for the rest of your life.

We have jotted down essential steps to make an account on Creating the account allows you to connect to the online world within seconds.

You must also take a little look at the history of Hotmail before knowing how to login to your Hotmail UK account.

Looking at the History of Hotmail

Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia are the founding members of Hotmail that, first came and launched in 1995. Hotmail was an inspiration drawn from HTML, and it quickly became Hotmail.

In 1997, further changes to this prominent email platform were made, and only after that began to facilitate email users by offering free email services.

Later in the year 2001, the total headcount in the number of Hotmail users reached more than 100 million. The figure of 100m depicts that Hotmail became a household name in the internet community in spite of the fact it only had a handful of features available then. Some of the features that you might often view people raving about were:

  • receiving and sending emails,
  • virus scanning,
  • spam filters,
  • contacts being added to the address book,
  • calendar, etc.

If we look at the past trend again, Microsoft relentlessly worked on its user interface. The company then attempted to revamp its overall services to offer a better communication experience. Microsoft launched Hotmail with the vision of providing users with a faster, user-friendly, and safer email service.

Microsoft made decisions one after the other to re-launch the email platform with better features that were in line with the vision. Therefore, 2006 was the year “Windows Live Hotmail” was introduced in the email world. After the introduction, millions of users globally praised the idea.

In 2012, Microsoft took an action that produced tremendous results and was a success. The brand change from Hotmail to Outlook offered another massive reason for the technology giant to maintain its spotlight for several more years.

This time a more significant change was offered. Outlook took over old Hotmail. All IDs of old-school Hotmail have moved automatically to the new interface. Since it was a revolutionary step in the history of Microsoft, the users were happy to accept the change and still are using the email service for their daily activities.

Thrilling Features of having a Hotmail UK Account is still considered the first choice of global email users. It has always remained keen to improve the user experience by introducing different services that are secure and compelling. Over the past ten years, up-gradation in Hotmail has dramatically improved. Millions of email users are getting used to its new features that are based on their requirements and satisfaction.

If you feel aliened with regards to exciting Hotmail features, then scrolling down is an excellent option for you to know why Hotmail is the best email service provider.

1. Active View

The active view feature revolves around creating an interactive environment with email contacts. This feature supports connectivity with external services, including Twitter, YouTube, and Flicker. In this way, email users can see external content via the new interface.

For example, if you receive a tweet linked in an email thread, you can see it without going to the Twitter page.

In addition to this, the active view is also among the top features in the US Postal Service for shipping. The users can track the items quickly in real time and see the details in the email window.

2. Calendar

Similar to Windows Calendar, introduced in 2008, Outlook’s calendar has a similar interface. Both these calendars come with the exact features. If you know what ICalendar is, then it is the best option for importing and exporting files to the outlook calendar.

One eye-opening fact about the Outlook calendar is that a user can make and share the customized calendar with their contacts. It also has a permission feature alongside the drag and drops option, which makes it more pleasant for the users.

3. People and Outlook Contacts

Before the rebranding of Hotmail, the feature was first got recognition as Windows Live Contacts or Windows Live People. Now, we view this option as Outlook Contacts.

It has amazing mainstream functions where you can insert or delete duplicate contacts from your list. Even a user can make different groups of various categories. The exciting component of the feature is that it helps in connecting with contacts on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

There is an android app known as People that befittingly supports this feature. It offers access to this feature by letting the users see the friend list and grab status updates without landing on Facebook or Twitter.

4. MS Office Facility

There is an interesting feature you can’t afford to miss. While you set up a Hotmail account on, you can log in to your MS Office account automatically, anywhere, and at any time. However, there exist some glitches in accessing some options in offline mode.

In an online feature, you can obtain access to different Microsoft products and all the documents saved in the OneDrive storage. You have to make sure all the offline documents are synced online automatically. You will be enabled to manage these products conveniently when you sign in to a Hotmail account.

5. Skype Access

It was defined earlier, too, that Hotmail facilitated Skype integration. The users can receive, send, and view messages. They can even make Skype video calls from the Outlook email interface.

6. Task Items

Task items are helpful for almost every user. It allows you to create and manage different events scheduled on a specific day as an email user. You can track the accessible details while getting a reminder as well, if needed.  

7. Aliases

Another crucial feature to view in the email service is ALIAS. Outlook email service offers a facility to make ten unique email accounts for multiple purposes. All the inboxes, contact lists, and other settings are shared easily with these IDs.

When the ALIAS feature is enabled, it is not a big deal for a user to manage personal or business things.

8. Virtual Sweep or Broom

This Outlook feature has a few interesting actions that are massive for users. If a user wants to do bulk activities in less time, then Broom can be of good help.

For example, deleting emails, one by one, received by one sender can be a restless activity. You can make a sweep of that specific sender and delete all the emails in one attempt.

All such activities can be performed comfortably with Virtual Sweep or Broom option.

9. Quick View and One-Click Filter

At times it really gets frustrating to see loads of emails that are of no use. You view them as spam but always get them in your inbox. This way, a few relevant emails might be lost between them.

One-click and the quick view filter is an option that permits the user to insert a custom email filter. It filters every useless email and lets you see the crucial emails instantly.

The above-mentioned were a few of the prominent features we have been seeing and using in past years. However, there are some more things you can’t afford to miss as Outlook got changed again in 2017. In the premium Outlook version, you can see more exciting features, which will let you stick to the platform.

With the up-gradation in the storage space, ad-free user interface, high-end security, and multiple other things, Outlook has become better and better for internet users.

Since we have explored an entire Hotmail from start to date, now is the time to learn how to login to your account.

How to Make Your Outlook or Account for Free?

If you have used and are fond of exciting features of the email service, then now is an ideal time to create an account.

It takes no real effort to create an Outlook account. You only have to follow the following simple steps, after which you can sign in to Hotmail easily.

How to Make account

By following the steps mentioned above, your Hotmail or Outlook account will be generated on

How to Sign in to Your Outlook or Hotmail Account?

You can log in to Hotmail or outlook account through a web browser or a mobile app. The app is easily available on Play Store and on the iOS store.

Any email user can create and log in Hotmail account from any mobile screen. Now, look at the following simple steps to sign in Hotmail account easily.

How to login to Account on an Android Phone? 

How to login to Account on an Android Phone

How to log in Account on Your iOS?

Hotmail for iOS Login Windows Phone Login Windows Phone

How to Sign In to Hotmail Email Account at Desktop?

– Open the browser and write the URL You will get three different options. Click or tap Sign in.

– Enter your credentials of the existing account and then click sign in. Account at Desktop sign in

Wrap Up

So, you have seen and learned now how to create a Hotmail or Outlook email account. Believe me, and it is effortless to get instant access to your account regardless of the device. You can easily take a tour of your Outlook account and perform activities comfortably.

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