How to Fix “MacBook Charger not Charging” Problem

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How to Fix “MacBook Charger not Charging” Problem

One of MacBook’s exasperating issues is the “MacBook Charger not charging” problem. It is a common problem that often signals you are experiencing a battery, software, or hardware problem. Don’t panic, though! Before you fear the worst, it is best to try all possible fixes to the problem. This article will enlighten you on how you can troubleshoot and fix the “MacBook Charger not Charging” Problem.

Confirm if the charger is functioning

Before trying any other fix, check to confirm if your charger is functioning. Your charger might come in two parts, and if the two parts are not well connected, then your MacBook will not charge. First, try removing and putting back the two pieces of your charger together to ensure that the power adapter connection is okay. If that does not work, change the power outlet and plug in your adapter to an outlet that you are sure is functional. If your MacBook still does not charge, try testing your device with a different charger. In the event your MacBook charges, then you know where the problem lies. If the MacBook does not charge, there could be a battery or other hardware problem.

What do you do if your charger is the problem?

Clean your charger’s ports

Dirt in the charger’s ports could tamper with your MacBook’s electrical connection, which might be preventing it from charging. Take time and clean your charger’s ports. Swab the visible dirt and dust by use of cotton to a cloth. You can spray the connector with Isopropyl alcohol in a quick spritz. Ensure that your charger connectors are well dried before using it.

Check your charger for physical damage

If your charger does not work even after cleaning it, you need to check it for physical damage. First, take a look at the metal tips of your charger like blades and prongs. Check if they are loose or missing and if so, then it could be why your MacBook is not charging. Moreover, check for strain relief, which results from the damage of the part where your charger’s head disconnects from the main cable due to wear and tear. If the LED indicator lights for charging switch on and off depending on the charger’s position, that means your charger could have been damaged by a short. Also, check to see if your connector end has exposed wires or if the insulator’s covering is worn out; if this is the case, your charger is damaged. Physical damage is hazardous as it can result in hazards like fire.  If your charger is physically damaged, we would advise that you get a replacement.

Is your charger and MacBook overheating?

Your charger’s adapter (the large boxy part) may overheat when you expose it to heated areas like exposing it directly to the sun or using it on top of a poor conductor. It could be that the macbook pro not charging issue is simply an overheating problem. So, charge your MacBook in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid exposure to heat. It is worth noting that if your Mac overheats, the thermal sensors might trip the power supply. If this happens, switch off and cool it down by keeping it in a cooler surface or use an external fan fan.

Noise issues

Electricity moves in a cycle, but other devices nearby can result in electromagnetic interference hence distorting the charging processes. If such an issue happens, you will hear some line noises. First, unplug the charger, wait for 60 seconds, plug it back in, and check if it works. Well, charge your MacBook away from other devices like fluorescent bulbs, blenders, and refrigerators, etc. The ground noise from these devices could build up in the adapter, causing it to shut off as a safety precaution.

Reboot your Mac

Maybe you Mac needs a reboot to get its charging unit. Start by turning off your laptop, switch it on then restart it. This will give it a rest, speed up its performance, and resolve hardware functional issues like charging. However, this will only be helpful if you are sure that your charger is not the problem.

Check the battery settings

Other than the adopter malfunction, computer settings too can interfere with charging. So, before you take your Mac into an Apple Authorized service provider or repair outlet, try the solutions below:

Reset the battery

Remove the battery from your MacBook, let it sit for at least 60 seconds, then fix it back to see if it works. This fix is only applicable to older MacBooks; the new MacBook batteries are not detachable. In such a case, try the next fix.

Reset the SMC and PRAM of your computer

PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) and SMC (system management controller) store and control a computer’s systems setting. Some of the settings that PRAM and SMC control are display setting, volume, fans, LED indicator, power, and volume, etc. If your power malfunction was due to computer setting issues, resetting PRAM and SMC could help fix the problem.

Seek professional assistance

If you still cannot identify and solve your MacBook charging problem, we would recommend seeking assistance from a licensed Apple service provider. The experts will determine the cause of your MacBook’s charging problem and offer possible solutions. Moreover, if you are replacing your charger, do it at a licensed outlet. Don’t fall victim to counterfeits that are now everywhere. You will get help on choosing a compatible power cord and adapter in regard to power outage and MagSafe style. Remember, an adapter or power cord that is incompatible with your MacBook could result in a ‘charger not charging problem’ and performance issues.

Final Remarks

A “MacBook Charger not Charging problem” can be very distressing but solving the issue could be as easy as rebooting your Mac or removing your battery and inserting it back. Yes, try some of our possible fixes first before escalating the issue to a pro or the vendor if symptoms persist.

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