How to Change a UPVC Door Lock: Fastest Process

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There are times when you’re worried about security, a break-in, or you just lost your keys, and you really need to have your lock changed. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is where I give you a quick guide on how to change a UPVC door lock.

Most people seek the help of a locksmith for changing door locks. But you can save some bucks and make a good impression simply by knowing how to change a uPVC door lock. To be reasonable, changing a door lock is like undoing an easy piece of a solved puzzle and putting it back together again.

7-Step Actionable Guide for Opening A UPVC Door Lock

1. Identify the Lock Type

The first thing to do is to identify the brand and the type of lock you have. The most common types are – Euro Cylinder Locks and Anti-snap euro cylinder locks. However, there are other special ones to look out for as well.

2. Measure the Door Lock

Before you search online or go to the market, you need to know your existing lock’s measurement. So, open your door and look on the edge. You’ll easily see the lock on each side and the lock cylinder that secures the door. Take the PZ measurement of the lock. Here’s how you do it –

  • Search for the first measuring point on your front door. Next, start measuring from the center of the hollow part of the keyhole up to the gearbox center. This is the PZ measurement.
  • The other measuring points are from the middle of the hollow part of the keyhole up to the lock plate’s end. This measurement is called the backset. The backset is the part of the door lock that is well placed within the composite door.
  • A common measurement for uPVC doors is – Backset: 35 mm, PZ – 92 mm.
  • The key barrel or lock cylinder length may differ based on the door width. The length from the interior keyhole to the exterior keyhole shall give the key cylinder length.

3. Remove the Holding Screw

The holding screw holds the key barrel in its place. The screw makes the barrel free from internal movement by fixing it in its place. So, remove the screw first to unlock the barrel. Take the help of a locksmith, ex. depannage serrurier bruxelles if you can not do it.

4. Insert the Key Before Pulling Out the Barrel

While you remove the screw, make sure the door key is in the keyhole. This is because, when you have successfully removed the screw, you will need to pull the barrel. So, you will need some kind of an attachment to grab on and pull.

5. Remove the Barrel

After removing the screw, try moving the key on either side. Suddenly you will feel that the key barrel is loosening out of its position.

Now, you can pull out the key barrel from inside the lock plate. Take the barrel in hand and take the measurement on either side of the screw hole. It can be 40 mm and 50 mm. So, the screw hole is the split point.

6. Put in the new barrel

Now, take out the key from the old key barrel and put it in the new one. Remember, the new lock can be settled in its place only if the key is placed in the keyhole. Push the key barrel through the empty lock plate. Normally, it will come out a bit on the back door so, make sure you check that.  Turn the key on either side so that it fits the cylinder perfectly.

7. Put in the retaining screw back into the lock faceplate

After it is all done, make sure to put the retaining screw back into its original place. You can use the screwdriver to do this bit.

Before doing anything else, test the lock by turning the key on either side to see if it is solidified in its place. Tug on the key to see if it’s fixed too. Remove the key from the new lock once you have finally adjusted the retaining screw.

To Wrap It Up

These are my 7-actionable tips on how to change a uPVC door lock. I suggest you give it a try at least once, and you’ll know for sure that replacing a door lock is easy as drinking water. The next time you’ll be saving money and making a good impression when you won’t need a locksmith to change your door lock.

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