How Tall Should A Gaming Chair Be?

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How Tall Should A Gaming Chair Be?

Gaming is one of the most addictive things among teenagers and children. Even nowadays, adults and older people are also addicted to it. You may play mobile games while sitting or lying down on your bed, but to play on the computer, you just need a table to place the pc and a chair to sit. Professional gamers or even nonprofessional gamers need to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. And sitting on an ordinary chair for a long time can result in back and neck pain. So, the question arises how tall should a gaming chair be?

This answer cannot be given as a constant value. Do you know height isn’t the same for all persons? Height gaming chair for a short person and a tall person is not the same. It has other facts that decide how long the chair you need for gaming. Let’s discuss the facts.

How Tall Should A Gaming Chair Be?

Gamers spend a lot of time while playing games on pc. Sitting a long time on chair hampers can create problems in their neck and back joints. This problem can paralyze them in the future.

To avoid such kinds of problems, one must use a suitable chair which is good for them. A chair with perfect height can prevent the problems. But as we have discussed before, the value of the chair’s height for gaming is not constant. We need to discuss some key points to find out the real value for you. Let’s dig into the main part without beating around the bush.

The key fact is mainly the height of a person. Yes, you heard it right. If you want to find the chair you need for your gaming, you will have to check your height. Your height will decide which size of chair you need for gaming.

In this process of checking the perfect chair for gaming, let’s divide humans’ height into four parts based on the health line’s average height for men data. They are Short guys, Almost-average height guys, Average height guys, and Tall people.

Short guys are under 5’2″ and less than 5% man is in these criteria. Almost-average height guys are between 5’2″ to 5’10”. Teenage boys and girls are in these criteria. Average height guys have the height between 5’10” to 6’2″ and. Almost 50% of guys have this height.

The last criteria of tall people have the height above 6’2,” and less than 5% are in this criteria. You will have to put yourself among these four criteria, and then you can choose a perfect tall chair for you according to your height. Let’s explain the perfect height of the chair according to human height.

The Key Fact To Measure The Chair Of The Perfect Height.

As we have discussed the key facts that decide your gaming chair’s height, let’s talk about what they are.

For the short guys

Short guys are those whose height is less than 5’2″. These kinds of people have short legs and back, but it doesn’t mean that a short person’s chair is not available.

These kinds of persons need a chair that has a height of 42 inches with a backrest at top. These chairs’ sizes will combine with their height and give them a better sitting posture while playing games.

For the almost-average height guys

Guys with the height between 5’2″ to 5’10” are in these criteria as this is next to the short guy’s list, so the height is also in the next level. They need a chair that is around 42 inches to 48 inches.

They will feel comfortable in these height chairs. But as we have discussed before, this group is the group of growing teenagers, so they have a fantasy of using gaming chairs, which is slightly taller than their requirement.

This is why some people buy gaming chairs out of wish, but then they regret it for a long time when they start feeling back pain and neck pain. That is why people in these criteria should remember this fact carefully.

For the average height guys

After the almost-average group, the average group begins with the height from 5’10” to 6’2″. Those who belong to this criteria will find amazing options in general.

As we have discussed, 50% of the gamers belong to this age group, so this height of chairs has the highest demand. Keeping that in mind, gaming chair companies produce gaming chairs only for these criteria people.

These chairs are usually around 48 inches to 55 inches, but the fun fact is that you can control the chair’s height. You can adjust the height of the chair around 2 or 3 inches than the actual height. It can lift to 400 lb. of the weight of a person.  These kinds of chairs are also very comfortable to sit in.

For the tall guys

Guys above 6’2″ are in this criteria. This kind of person has a massive body structure, and they are less than 5% in the world. But fortunately, the gaming chairs are also made for them. Chairs height above 55″ to 58″ are available for them. Those char can hold 400+ lb. on their top. Its sitting area is also larger than the average ones. People with such long heights should go for these chairs while gaming.

Final Words

As the gaming industry is expanding day by day, the gamers are also increasing with this flow. Almost every house we can see a gamer, may it be a pc game or mobile game. Gaming equipment like table and gaming chairs productivity is also increasing day by day.

Gaming is not bad until it hampers your body and health. We should be careful about this fact and use comfortable chairs to avoid any physical complications. That’s why we have discussed and tried to give you the answer of “how tall should a gaming chair be?” question. Now you can choose the best chair according to your height and have a harmless gaming life.

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