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Having your own property is nothing less than a blessing, but when it comes to adding space to your current space, it can be challenging. Whether it is about a new addition to your bedroom or extra space for a living room. It can be an addition of an office to your home, a guest room, kids room, or even a screen room to enjoy that weather without having to get chills outside.

Where it sounds great extending your existing home, it may cost you a fortune to get that special look that you always have wanted.

How about looking into some ideas that can level up your living space cheaply yet flawlessly?

Essentials to extend home cheaply

Before starting off with the ideas and ways to add some extra space to your place, here are some of the most important things that need to be considered throughout the whole process.

You deviate a little and there you in debt for ages, which you do not want.

The key to a unique and cheap house extension is;

  • Keep your easily achievable design simple.
  • Always choose minimalism when it comes to choosing the material, design, or even the building procedure.
  • Stick to simple construction ideas.
  • Try to choose whatever material you use off-the-shelf instead of buying bespoke pieces.
  • The best way is to go for the ways that can be all handled by yourself when it comes to construction.

Keeping these aspects for a unique house extension, you can save a lot yet achieve that flawless, modern, and functional extension to your home.

Home Extension Ideas

There are millions of ways to add some more space to your house, which solely depends on you, your imagination, and how dedicated you are to make a change that speaks for itself.

Without further ado, let’s start with the ideas that can change your current living space from miss to hit.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop is the best place to start from as there are a lot of ways to bring the change in a unique way.

How about a rooftop garden?

It does not matter if you are living in a small space that does not have that perfect lawn. Create one for yourself!

A rooftop garden is the best way to enhance your space for some fresh air, house parties, and relaxing in your free time, along with a perfect place for the kids to play.

Going with as less weight as possible, it is essential to choose the material that is lighter, not to put an extra load on the roof and also increase your budget. Use plastic, foam, or fibreglass containers instead of pavers. They are not only time consuming, hard to maintain, and expensive, but also take a lot of time and effort to create.

Extended Storage

Even if you are planning to live by yourself in the house or want to sale it in the future, excess storage space is essential. It increases the value of your place significantly.

The question is how you can have some extended storage without compromising the interior of your house and killing the vibe.

You can always as storage drawers or cabinets in an empty corner of the house wherever possible.

You can also use a free garage or porch space to level up your storage by adding hollow benches that can be used to keep excess items tucked in properly without making a mess indoors.

Standalone screen room

Screen rooms are the most unique and in-demand these days because of the extra space, light, and a clear view. You can use any available space outside the house like a garage or a porch or even the paved centre of the garden to make your own screen room.

These are easy to make as you can use already available space in your front yard like a stone patio or the porch. The simplest is to use the cheapest yet trendy material like timber to build the structure and pair them up with glass.

Stand-alone screen rooms offer additional space for entertainment, add aesthetic appeal to your home, and the best part is that they increase your property value.

Garage into living space

Most of the people do not think of using their garage for anything, umm, more than a garage.

Well, there are a lot of ways to use your garage. You can always join it to the inside of your home and convert it into an extra bedroom, kids room, or a guest room. To make things exciting, you can extend it into an amazing entertainment room by putting in some screens and seats with powerhouse speakers.

We are just loving the idea of an entertainment room.

Want to make it more interesting?

How about adding glass walls to the outside?

An entertainment room come screen room!

Loft Extention

If you are living in a house that does not have much outdoor space, there is always an option to think upward.

Most lofts are left unused, so extending to the available space in your home is always a nice idea. You can always add a new room to the loft or move an already existing one on the ground floor to the loft that gives you extra space to add what’s missing.

To get the most out of extra space or no space, it is better to extend it to something useful by using simple yet unique ideas. It all depends on personal preference and dedication. Such little extensions to existing space do not require additional permission or heavy budget. Most of these ideas are even DIY.

What a relief!

Besides these, here are some more ways to upgrade your living space.

  • Create off-street parking
  • Adding a shed to front or backyard
  • Create an outdoor seating area
  • A conservatory
  • Consider an annexe

There are no fewer ways and means to extend your living space. Look around, get inspired, and go on.

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