A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials

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Nowadays, you can find many interested in fishing because of the different benefits it can give. One benefit of fishing is that it is therapeutic to spend your time. Whenever the past days have been stressful, you can take a quick trip to the nearest lake and do a simple catch and release. You can even take photos with the fish you recently caught to reminisce in the future. 

If you plan on going on a fishing trip for the first time, you should know that you need more than just a fishing rod to start. You need to have the essential fishing gear from a reliable fishing store to ensure everything goes smoothly. An incomplete fishing gear could ruin the entire experience, especially if you are new to fishing. 

1. Rod and Reel

You should know that there are rods and reels designed for a specific fishing style. However, you do not necessarily need to have the best one right away since it is your first time, so it would be best to keep it simple. A good tip for a rod and reel is to look for one you can use for both lure and bait fishing. A medium-action rod rated 8 to 20 pounds is usually great for beginners because it lets you catch different fishes in rivers and lakes. 

2. Line

The next fishing gear you need to note is the line. Nowadays, there are fishing lines in different diameters and materials, giving fishers enough options for their specific fishing needs. Most large diameter lines are durable than smaller ones made of the same material. The best line that most fishers use are braided lines because they are thin and robust. You also have monofilament lines that stretch better and buoyant, and fluorocarbon lines abrasion-resistant and can conceal the line better. 

3. Tackle

When looking for a tackle, you should look for the three types of tackle for your first fishing trip. 

· Weights

You need the weights for fishing because it helps lengthen your casting distance and keep your bait floating. If you are looking for weights, you should stick to basic slip shot weights because of how inexpensive they are and easy to use. 

· Floats

Also known as strike indicators or bobbers, floats keep your bait off of the bottom of the water and give you a clear indication when a fish got caught in your bait. It is also best to start with inexpensive floats. 

· Hooks

A good tip when looking for a hook is to go for ones that are not snelled. Hooks that are snelled have a leader pre-tied to them that an angler uses then fastens to a swivel snap. 

4. Lures

Besides using bait, you can always choose lures for fishing. What is excellent about lures is that you have different colors, manufacturers, and styles. Usually, you can find anglers using soft plastic or spinnerbait lures. Others prefer using topwater lures, which is popular among experienced anglers.

Since the pandemic happened, people have tried looking for many ways to keep themselves entertained without contacting the public. Fishing, however, is the best way to keep everyone busy while staying out of public areas since you can usually fish alone or with another friend or family. As long as you have the right gear at a fishing store, you should have no problems with your first-time fishing.

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