Google Ends Business With Huawei All Thanks to the US – China Trade War

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Trade War Leads to Huawei Ban

Google has actually suspended its business with Huawei. From the transfer of hardware to software, everything has been stopped by Google. Only tech services with open source licensing are going to be available for Huawei.

What does it mean for Huawei users?

The current users of the Huawei Smartphones do not need to worry, as the restriction on Huawei will not affect them. “For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices,” said the Huawei spokesperson. However, when Google will launch an upgrade for the android systems, Huawei users will be stuck on the older versions. All thanks to the blacklisting by US Commerce Department.    

The tech giant will definitely lose its business by the implementation of these restrictions. Huawei Smartphones will be not be able to use popular apps like Google Play Store, Gmail and YouTube.

Trade War

Huawei isn’t The only entity that’ll suffer. In reply to the ban enforced on Huawei, they have posted a Tweet in which they expressed how this will also hurt USA’s economy.

How will Huawei deal with this?

Huawei Banned in USA

Huawei chief executive Ren Zhengfei told Japanese media on Saturday: “We have already been preparing for this.” He further said that if the company can buy components that cost $67 billion from USA, then they can definitely develop their own apps.

Huawei has been working hard on developing its own App Gallery and other software assets in a similar manner to its work on chipset solutions. There is little doubt these efforts are part of its desire to control its own destiny,” said Mr. Wood.

Many countries around the globe are thought to have concerns about Huawei. They think Huawei 5G mobile networks are some kind of equipment for surveillance from China. The company, however has denied it. Many countries have restricted their telecom departments to use any of the Huawei’s 5G phones.

This ban will definitely impact Huawei market all around the globe. It is said that effect of the ban will be less in China as it has banned many of the Google apps, already. The loss can’t be anticipated as of now but one thing is for sure, the popularly growing smartphone company is going to have some serious issues.

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