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These days most people from around the world are using mobile phones. This has made it possible to reach them any time you want. This is why mobile marketing is in trend. This is the reason why marketers and business owners are using it to expand their business.

Haven’t you seen Android or iOS push notifications glowing on the screens of your mobile phone all the time?

This is what mobile marketing is capable of.

Although most business owners are taking good care of resources for mobile marketing, still there are some who don’t. If you are one of them, here are some good resources that you can use for getting the maximum benefits from mobile marketing.

1. AppSamurai’s blog

If you are really worried about the high-quality content you have to pay attention to steady updates of some best app marketing resources. AppSamurai is one of them that is specifically designed to provide its clients with some best solutions.

It is all about global growth, acquiring engaged users, app’s success, and so on. This all is being done in accordance with strict rules in terms of transparency and innovation.

But the thing that makes it more usable is, it offers free mobile marketing blogs, posts, infographics, ebooks, mobile marketing case studies, and much more. In simple words it keeps you updated with the mobile app’s latest happenings throughout the world and that too on a constant basis.

2. Mobile Marketing watch’s blog

Mobile Marketing Watch is owned by MobileStorm and it is one of the most dominant forces in the US especially when it comes to the mobile niche.

You will easily find an updated repository of mobile marketing content on its website ranging from blog posts to best practices, case studies, and so on. 

You can also get recent mobile marketing watch updates, news, insights, and so on directly in your inbox. What only you need to do is to subscribe to their newsletter.

3. AppTamin’s Blog

It is one of the famous self-proclaimed app video agencies that is known for its video ads, Google Play Store video promos, iOS app previews, explainer videos, and so on.

You can enjoy priceless content in its free blog section. You can go with monthly mobile video updates and tips. This will help you to create effective mobile ads.

Moreover, the authority and professionalism of AppTamin are proven enough. This is why it carries some reputed partners like Avast, TedBullTV, Nanobit, and so on.

4. AdeXchanger

If you are looking for some of the marketing industry’s top news along with techy aspects of marketing, emphasizing data, platforms, programmatic, and tools, AdeXchanger is the one you must go with.

5. Newzoo

If you belong to a gaming industry there is no match to Newzoo. It provides you with some tremendous in-depth trends reports and whitepapers. It is also a good resource for other business apps.

6. AppLift

If you are really looking to reach engaged users from the beginning, it is good to go with AppLift. It carries dynamic audience segments that are particularly based on the demographics and audience characteristics.

Moreover, if you already have a mass engaged audience you can still use this tool to create lookalike audiences and target audiences that are similar to your existing loyal base.

7. AppsFlyer

Appsflyer is one of the best mobile attribution and analytics platforms. It helps you in pinpointing your target, optimize your ad spend and boost your ROI. You can use it to attach more audience to your platform on the basis of their interests.

8. Relate Live

If you are looking forward to handling your metrics then Relate Live is the one you can go with. It provides you with customer behavior and industry marketing trends and that too with life and recorded webinars. For this, you even need not pay as you can easily tune into it for free. 

9. Mobile Marketing Association (MMA):

MMA is a global organization with its headquarters in New York. It has over 700 members and a charter. The job of the charter is to promote, educate, measure, protect and guide mobile marketing. This association works on a global level.

10. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is best for anyone who loves to tell stories. If you are having firsthand experience and you want to overcome mobile marketing challenges, Seatgeek is the one you can go with.

SeatGeek is one of the leading mobile-focused ticket platforms. It is available all the time to fulfill the needs of the audience that wants to buy and sell tickets. This buying and selling of tickets are for the events that are happening all around the world. It provides you with a good opportunity to target a maximum audience throughout the world.


When it comes to mobile marketing there a number of resources available online that you can use to your advantage. But what you need to worry about is to choose some of the best that are capable enough of providing you with rapid results. Some of the best are presented to you here.

Sam is a professional content marketer that loves to share her knowledge by publishing blogs online. She has spent the last five years in offering digital marketing services to many leading brands. Also, she is an avid reader and gamer who loves to try new video games with her friends.

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