Going Vegetarian: What You Need to Know?

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When you go vegetarian, you will only eat a plant-based diet and refrain from eating meat products and processed foods. It is good for your overall health, as it means that you are eliminating a lot of harmful substances that can get into your body.

However, despite its positive effects on human health, some people have doubts about shifting as they believe that plant-based meals are hard to make. Fortunately, there are meal subscription businesses like Flave that can deliver delicious plant-based meals straight to your doorstep.

If you think you want to shift, below are some of the things waiting for you.

Easier weight management

Obesity is one of the most common problems among adults around the world. In the U.S. alone, over 69% of adults are obese or overweight. 

Changing your lifestyle and diet can help you manage your weight quickly and has a long-term impact on health. Many studies suggest that plant-based diets aid weight loss. The vegan diet’s high fibre content and the elimination of processed food are a good combination for removing extra pounds. 

Manageable health conditions

Turning vegan will not only help you lose weight; it will also keep you from getting various chronic diseases.


Study shows that a vegetarian diet lessens the risk of specific types of cancer. Based on a study made in over 69,000 participants, a vegetarian diet is linked to lower risk of gastrointestinal cancer, mostly for those who are on a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet or vegetarians who consume dairy and eggs.

Another study which includes more than 77,000 participants shows that a vegetarian diet lowers the risk of colorectal cancer by 22%. Furthermore, a pescatarian diet reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by 43%.

Heart disease

One of the main reasons why most people turn to a vegetarian diet is to improve their heart health. However, the types and quality of food included in your diet are essential.

According to a study, eating a healthy plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole-grains significantly lower the risk of getting heart disease. On the other hand, eating an unhealthy plant-based diet with fruit juices, sugary drinks, and refined grains made a slight increase in the risk of heart disease.

Eating the right kind of food is vital to prevent heart diseases if you follow a vegetarian diet.


Turning into a vegetarian diet can be an effective way to reduce or manage the risk of acquiring diabetes. 

The study suggests that following a healthy vegetarian diet reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 34%. Moreover, another study says that vegan and Lacto-Ovo vegetarian lessens the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%. Also, plant-based diets can improve blood sugar control in individuals who are suffering from diabetes.

Healthier planet

Going vegetarian doesn’t only benefit your health; it protects the earth as well. Individuals who are eating a vegetarian diet have smaller environmental footprints.

Consuming plant-based meals decreases water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and land used by factory farmers, which all contribute to environmental degradation and global warming. 

Going vegetarian is now easier, thanks to plant-based meal food delivery businesses like Flave. You don’t have to worry about making plant-based meals, as it will be delivered to your door.

When you eat a plant-based diet, you are not just saving yourself from chronic diseases; you are also saving the planet from the harmful effects of mass production of meat products.

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