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Microsoft Certified

At some point in our lives, we have all heard about Microsoft or used their products. This is because it offers many versatile tools that are useful for both individuals and large scale organizations. And to prove one’s proficiency in handling those tools, Microsoft has introduced various certifications that are aimed at equipping specialists with more hands-on skills and knowledge.

So, this post will give you an insight into all you need to know about the Microsoft certification program including the reasons for Microsoft certification update, advantages of becoming Microsoft certified and how you can survive through your exam prep with ExamSnap. So, let go on!

Microsoft Certifications Overview

Recently, the Microsoft corporation made a big change in its certification program with more job-role focused badges. If you access the Microsoft official page, you will find that there are credentials filtered by the desired job role, required technology, certification type, and level. Badges based on certain job roles include Al Engineer, Administrator, Developer, Solutions Architect, among many others. On the whole, Microsoft certifications cover such technologies as the App builder, Azure, Development, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Mobility, Power BI, Productivity, SQL Server, Windows, and Windows Server. According to the certification type, you may find role-based, and the previously knowledge-based MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE credentials that are very close to the certification levels, including Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert levels. Thus, MTA corresponds to Fundamentals, which is the first level in the IT field for newcomers, MCSA Microsoft Certifications Exam Dumps to Associate for specialists with some technology work experience and MCSD as well as MCSE to Expert level for IT professionals who have hands-on skills and possess comprehensive technical abilities.

However, Microsoft has decided to retire all MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE certifications on the 30th of June 2020 to focus more on role-based ones. Keep reading to find out more about Microsoft’s new certification scheme.

Microsoft Certifications Update

In their newest approach, Microsoft offers its certifications in Fundamentals, Associate and Expert levels. What concerns the certification types, after retiring its technology-based credentials, you can earn badges that will quip you with the relevant skills for the position you are going to apply. The reason for this change is to meet the IT market’s needs by producing high qualified professionals and experts. Still, if you are currently pursuing an MCSA, MCSD, or MCSE certification, you have to complete it before the 30th of June 2020. If you already got certified, there’s no issue; your certification will still be valid.

Now that you know everything about the upcoming update on Microsoft credentials, it’s time to dwell on the benefits of becoming Microsoft certified.

Benefits of Having a Microsoft Certification

You may wonder why you should get a Microsoft certification while there are many other options that may be cheaper than these ones. Well, here is the list of the most explicit reasons to obtain a Microsoft badge:


Microsoft is a brand that is popular worldwide. This means that its credentials will be recognized for their high quality instantly. This is not true for cheap certifications.


Because the vendor’s certifications are known to be up to the expected standards unlike the cheaper ones, many employers accept them as valid forms of proof. And according to Microsoft, holders of their badges have a 5 times better chance of getting hired and 64% of employers prefer Microsoft certifications over others.


The skills you gain through Microsoft certifications give you the proficiency to perform well at your job and ensure that you gain hands-on experience in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Keeping up-to-date

We all know that the field of IT is constantly changing. Getting hold of new technologies can make work more efficient, so Microsoft certifications are the best way to acquire new skills as they always update their credentials whenever there is a significant change.

Better Salary

Being a certified professional means that you possess skills to become productive at your workplace and thus, gain value as an employee. Being a valuable employee, you become competitive in the IT market and can get a higher salary. According to the salary report from the Global Knowledge website, being MCSA certified in Windows Server 2012, you can earn annually $101,268, MCSA holders in SQL Server 2012/2014- $107,862, with the MCSE badge you can get annually about $116,829.

To find out more about Microsoft exams, look through the information below.

Microsoft Exams Peculiarities

As you might know, to earn any Microsoft certification, you have to pass one or more exams, most of which have 40-60 questions, depending on the assessment. The questions come in different formats like MCQs, build list, case studies, drag and drops, short answers, hot area, etc.

Even though Microsoft tests are tough, don’t fret because there are many resources to help you prepare for them. For instance, Microsoft itself offers training courses, books, exam prep videos, practice tests, and online communities. These are 100% reliable resources because the certification vendor presents them. Moreover, you can find exam dumps for any Microsoft assessment at the This provider offers not only free actual exam dumps uploaded by the recent test-takers but also paid premium packages that contain training courses and study guides in addition to expert-verified Q&As. You can open ExamSnap’s exam dump items using the VCE Exam Simulator to work in an environment that is very similar to the actual exam. Thus, ExamSnap might be the ideal option for you to master your IT skills and excel in Microsoft exams. And now it’s time to make conclusions.


Microsoft is the multinational technology corporation that updates its certification program to equip you with the most relevant skills and knowledge. Getting Microsoft certified is the best way to kick-start or grow your career in IT. If you ace your exams using free, trustworthy exam dumps from the ExamSnap online platform and other recommended resources; you will enjoy all the benefits discussed above in your professional life. So stop waiting and get started right now!

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