What you Can Expect From Game Of Thrones Season 8: The Sneak Peek!

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Game of Thrones Season 8

As the next season is about to start, the curiosity among people is increasing more. Teasers are helping us figure out what the 8th and last season is all about. On the other hand, we can see that the teasers are showing us that many of our favorite characters from the show might die or will make a substantial impact. No matter what happens, one thing we know is that this the GOT season 8 will be the best!

As the premiere of the final season of Game of Throne’s is heading on Sunday 14th, April 2019, people are spreading rumors about what’s about to happen. Let us tell you what we know about the fantastic show.

The Short Teaser Gave Us A Broad Picture

As we can see the recent teaser launched by HBO Go showed as a small glimpse of the War of Westeros. This time the war has a different message, not about winning, but about survival. On the other hand, the second teaser shows something completely different. Iconic props can be seen including Jon Snow’s sword, Jamie’sprosthetic hand, and many other things. That indicated that the hero’s survival might be difficult.

The Best Battle

Thanks to Entertainment weekly we got a chance not only to see our favorite character’s beautiful portraits, but we also got different information regarding the upcoming season. In this fantastic battle taking place at Winterfell, the Night King and his army of the dead will face the entire world. That will be one battle in which the highest number of the Game of Thrones characters will gather in one location. So are you excited to see all your favorite characters in one battlefield?

Game of Thrones Season 8

All of your favorite characters including Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Samwell Tarly, Daenerys Targaryen, Jorah Mormont, the Hound and Tyrion Lannister will be in the same battle. Let’s see who survives and makes their end happy for their fans.

The whole battle scene took 11 days to shoot, and it was one of the most tiring and difficult scenes too for the entire crew. But the efforts will be worth it.

The End Of The Game Of Thrones

No matter how many of our favorite characters die, the ending will remain sad and emotional for the viewers and the whole crew. They have worked hard to make this show one of the best ones. People have high expectations with this show so this season will not disappoint you. So embrace yourself, because the last and best season of Game of Thrones is here.


There is one bad news for all the fans and people waiting to watch this GOT season 8. As we can see that every season the number of episodes decreased. This time as well, the season will only have six episodes. Yes, there is a lot to be seen and very few episodes. You might be wondering how they can tell us so much in just a small number of episodes. Don’t be sad this time the episodes will be very long.

There are very long episodes which have a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes while the smallest episode will be of 70 minutes. The viewers would love to see the extended chapters. Game of Thrones will not disappoint their viewers and show them all they can in their beautiful episodes.

Here’s The Schedule:

  • Episode 1: April 14th
  • Episode 2: April 21st
  • Episode 3: April 28th
  • Episode 4: May 5th
  • Episode 5: May 12th
  • Episode 6: May 19th

Some Exciting Scenes

The latest teaser showed us a lot of beautiful and exciting things. There was one intrigue scene in which Daenerys Targaryen was sitting in an isolated room with a much-tensed face. Suddenly someone walked up to her from behind. People are curious to know who that might be. Why was Daenerys Targaryen sitting alone so sad?

game of thrones

Another beautiful scene was shown in which Jon Snow and Arya are together after a very long time. In the second episode of the Game of Thrones, it was the first time when this pair was seen together. Fans are excited to see them both reunite after so long in the same location as before. The beautiful place is under a tree in Winterfell. Why are they together again? What might happen next? There are a lot of questions in our minds.

One more thing which people are waiting to see is whether Cersei will die or not. At the very start of the show, a witch told young Cersei that she would be killed. She gave her a clue which clearly meant that probably her younger brother would kill her. Is that true? Will Jaime Lannister kill her sister? Though, from the start they were outstanding together. However, as soon as his sister turned out to be the queen, their relationship worsened. That might be one reason why Jaime Lannister will kill his sister.

How to Watch the Season Finally

HBO GO is the sole broadcaster of Game of Thrones and you’ll have to pay $14.99 per month to subscribe. Though you can enjoy many more shows and movies along with GOT, you have to be physically present in the USA to enjoy HBO GO. If you already are then good for you! However, if you live in another country where HBO GO isn’t available, you’ll have to use the best VPN for Game of Thrones to access this live streaming survive.

The best VPN for HBO GO will allow you to switch your IP in to an American one. That means you’ll digitally be present in the USA. One you are connected to a server from the USA, no one can stop you from being the first one to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 and brag about it on social media.

Wrap Up

Finally, the Night King shows up at the east watch and uses zombie Viserion the Dragon to punch a Massive gap in the wall to allow his army to march through. That concludes the season 7 of Game Of Thrones. There are many answers hidden in season 8 which will be answered soon, and that is why people are so excited about this series. Yes, people will feel sad after the final season ends, but everything must come to an end so we must enjoy the last season as much as we can.

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