A Comprehensive Review of FastestVPN

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A Comprehensive Review of FastestVPN

FastestVPN has become one of the worst VPN providers in the industry today, and we wanted you to know what makes this company so unique. The VPN industry is quite saturated in terms of competitiveness and barriers of entry, this has empowered many businesses to diversify into this particular industry due to the high demand.

However, only a few of these companies have cemented their position in the market. This is precisely why we have articulated a comprehensive FastestVPN review to evaluate the true potential of the company and whether they come as advertised. Here’s what we have learnt from our FastestVPN review.

What gives FastestVPN a Competitive Edge?

Since the VPN industry has so many competitors, a service provider will have to offer something unique in order to survive in the market. In this case, FastestVPN has gained that competitive edge by locating their head office on Cayman Islands, which is governed by strict data protection laws. Even banks situated in Cayman Islands are not legally allowed to provide client information to any third parties.

This is precisely how FastestVPN offers a zero data-logging policy as they are not legally obliged to log their client’s data. Other companies have to log their client’s data according to the data protection acts that govern their particular state. Another profound competitive edge we learnt during our FastestVPN review is the fact that they offer a branded router, which they introduced recently.

What Are The Benefits of a FastestVPN?

This router does not only help the security measures taken by FastestVPN but also allows clients to connect unlimited number of devices on a single router. Yes, you read that right, you can easily connect as many devices as you want without any additional cost.

We tested the router during our FastestVPN review and were shocked to see how easy it was to configure devices to the network and seamlessly use the internet. The data from each device is tunneled and encrypted to make sure that there are no chances of a breach. Our FastestVPN review showed us how this company focuses on providing its clients with a high level of convenience and ease of use. These routers have helped fuel the exponential success that FastestVPN enjoys today and has also helped set a standard in this industry.

FastestVPN Supports Five Different Protocols with AES256 – Bit Encryption

FastestVPN employs military-grade encryption which is iron clad as it is being used by security professionals all around the world. This network has the capacity of supporting PP2P, L2TP, IKEV2, TCP, UDP, and OpenVPN. It offers its clients a very high degree of flexibility. This level of security is currently being used by banks and other high profile establishments which have to protect their client’s information at all costs. Even with this high level of security, FastestVPN has fantastic speed which allows users a seamless experience.

Servers Optimized For Sharing

Another feature offered by FastestVPN is the fact their network has been P2P optimized, which allows users to share data with the best speeds. This makes it perfect for both businesses and single users who might share and download a lot of files. FastestVPN is optimized for ultra-high-speed for large torrenting files, and each file is first scanned using their malware protection. Malware is one of the most common ways hackers use to infiltrate or corrupt a system, which is why FastestVPN’s network will scan each file so that their users can browse with security.

FastestVPN Features

24/7 Customer Support

Another aspect which we included in our FastestVPN review was their customer support. FastestVPN offers live chat which is available 24/7. We tested the chat support and were pleased to find trained professionals responding to our queries.

We have reviewed many different services to know when a company takes their clients experience seriously, and the level of professionalism FastestVPN displayed proved to us why this company is so successful.

Affordable Prices

Another aspect which we had to include in our FastestVPN review is their incredible pricing. FastestVPN offers affordable prices for the same level of high-grade services which are offered by renowned VPN providers. If that’s not enough, they are continually offering huge discounts and promotions to new clients, which has further fueled their expedited growth in the industry.

Here’s a look into their current pricing structure to help you understand just how affordable their prices really are.

FastestVPN Pricing Plan

  • 1 Month for $10 ($10 /month)
  • 1 Year for $29.95 ($2.49 /month)
  • 3 Years for $39.95 ($1.11 /month)
  • 5 Years for $49.95 ($0.83 /month)
  • Lifetime for $80

Access Geo Restricted Content

We all know how annoying it is when we try to access content which is not available in our area; however, FastestVPN solves this dilemma by providing their clients with an array of different servers. You can easily spoof your IP and access any geo-restricted content which ensures that nothing hampers your browsing experience.

FastestVPN Servers

Conclusion of our FastestVPN review

Ultimately, we highly recommend this company due to their unique approach in providing high-end VPN services. Each client is treated as a priority, and they have designed their services to ensure that their clients do not face any trouble while using this fantastic service. If you are currently looking for high-quality VPN services at a cost-effective price, then consider FastestVPN as your first choice.

Their incredible market share and growth speaks volumes on just how successful this company is. Only time can tell how FastestVPN continues to grow into one of the most renowned VPN providers in the industry and sets a new standard in VPN services.

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