10 Effective Ways to Market a Product

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10 Effective Ways to Market a Product

All products are different. Their audiences are different too. This means that there can’t be a single recipe for marketing success. The deeper you get to know your audience and the more marketing ideas you try, the faster you will find your own perfect set of marketing techniques. Here’s a list of promoting ideas that can be useful both when you are new to the business and when you already know a thing or two in marketing.

1. Search engine optimization

Creating a website or online store isn’t hard today, especially if you use some easy free website creator. The real battle starts after this point. It’s the battle for quality, predictable, and consistent traffic to your website. SEO helps you get it if you invest some time and money in optimizing your site’s architecture, link building, and developing a strong keyword strategy.

2. Email marketing

This marketing technique can generate quick returns and boost sales, but only if you send the right letters to the right subscribers. It means you need to segment your subscriber lists (based on demographics, previous purchase experience, interests, etc.) to craft more personalized emails that are more likely to get clicks and end in a purchase.

3. Guest blogging


Running your own blog is exciting. However, to get in front of a wider audience, you may want to try guest blogging – publishing your content on other relevant websites. It’s an excellent opportunity to not only establish your expertise in the niche but also generate traffic to your website through the link you put in your article or bio. Even if visitors leave your site without buying, you can continue retargeting them using ads.

4. Leveraging customer-generated content

Once your satisfied customers start sharing pictures of your product and their positive experience with you, they become your free brand ambassadors. All you need to do is to repost their content on your social media and tag them (asking permission is a must). It works both as a natural advertisement and a sort of a product review you don’t have to pay for. Your new visitors will be more likely to buy from you after seeing such proofs of the positive buying experience.

5. Telling your story

Features, benefits, and facts are great things to tell your audience about in your content. However, if you want to sell not just a product, but experience (a solution), you need something more. Engage your audience with a story featuring characters and intense emotions such as love, joy, hate, helplessness, and you’ll get your customers on another level of perceiving your brand – as something that can change their life.

6. Social media

All businesses use social media, but only a few do it right. To boost organic sales, it’s not enough to post from time to time. You should literally live there. Pop up often and on several platforms at the same time. Make posting with hashtags, reposting someone else’s content, responding to comments and messages, and building relationship with your audiences a part of your daily routine.

7. Audience targeting for Facebook ads

Similar to segmenting your subscriber lists in email marketing, using custom audience tool on Facebook helps you create smaller but very specific audiences based on their online behavior. This can be content they are inclined to, their search queries, level of engagement, products they viewed, etc. Such customization helps create highly relevant ads with a higher click-through score.

8. YouTube videos

Your online presence won’t be full without YouTube, a video streaming platform with over 1.5 billion monthly users. Video marketing must become a part of your product promotion strategy. You don’t need to hire professional scriptwriters or have a fantastic production budget to create catchy videos. All you need is to grab your smartphone and film your story. Make it not about your product but experience and value.

9. Product reviews

Most people today won’t buy something online until they read some reviews. Positive reviews help them find a perfect product and serve as social proof that this shop is worth buying from. So if you want to boost sales, you need to gain as many positive reviews as possible. Some creative ways to get them are using apps that automatically ask customers for a review or reposting reviews with photographs from AliExpress or other reputable platforms.

10. Retargeting ads

People do not just have fun or work in their social media and browsers. They leave there tons of their detailed personal information. This gives you a tool to retarget your ads to people who’ve had contact with your website before, but hadn’t bought from you or had abandoned their carts. They already know about you, and you know them, so you can approach them with highly personalized offers in your ads and bring them back to where they should be – your website.

Sam is a professional content marketer that loves to share her knowledge by publishing blogs online. She has spent the last five years in offering digital marketing services to many leading brands. Also, she is an avid reader and gamer who loves to try new video games with her friends.

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