Digital Marketing vs Programming: Which Career Path is More Promising?

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Digital Marketing vs Programming

Students that are about to finish high-school are often faced with the problem of deciding what to do next. If you choose to go to college, there is another big decision to make. What field should you major in? What field is worthwhile to learn and invest time and money in? digital marketing vs programming?

There is no doubt that the Internet is a significant source of career opportunities. The number of businesses that operate online is only expected to grow in the future. Hence, a wise choice for your career path is an Internet-related field of study.

Two of the most common choices for students are Digital Marketing and Programming. Both are very promising. So, what field is more convenient to devote your future professional life to? Which one is more suitable for you?

Programming has a reputation of not being easy. This may be true. Among the different vital skills that you need to pursue a career as a programmer, an analytical mind is a must. No wonder many students use programming assignment services such as to get their coding homework done online by real experts.

It does not mean, however, that digital learning marketing is simple. To make a better decision, you should know the set of skills needed to learn each of these fields. Therefore, below you will find some of the key skills for each field. These lists will help you to choose the right major for you.

Key Skills You Need to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is indispensable for businesses to be successful in very competitive environments. The main task of a digital marketing professional is to increase brand awareness to reach more potential customers. For this sake, such a professional leverages digital technology and the Internet.

For instance, he or she designs email marketing campaigns targeted to the specific market. Successful digital marketing campaigns drive sales, thereby increasing profits. Thus, such a professional must possess the following skills:

  • Ability to analyze data to obtain information about customers’ behavior. Nowadays, data analytics is performed with the aid of sophisticated software tools. Different online events such as online transactions and search queries provide the data to be analyzed. The digital marketer must be capable of extracting information that can be used for an effective marketing campaign;
  • Good writing and editing skills are essential to creating the content of any digital marketing campaign. It is not enough to have impeccable grammar, though. A professional digital marketer must write persuasively to convince the target audience to take the desired action;
  • A digital marketer must be well familiarized with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Ultimately, the correct use of SEO techniques provides higher visibility of your website by driving more traffic to it. Hence, besides good writing skills, the ability to incorporate relevant keywords into your digital content is necessary. Good knowledge of search engine marketing (SEM) strategies is also needed;
  • Excellent communication skills are mandatory to address your target audience effectively. Each potential customer is different. Hence, a good digital marketer must be capable of communicating with different people. This way, customer experience will be maximized. This is part of what is often referred to as customer relationship management (CRM);
  • Professional digital marketer must possess excellent social media skills. Nowadays, social networks are excellent platforms to reach target consumers. Hence, knowing how to engage people through advertising, hashtags, boosted posts, etc. is necessary.

There are other skills that a professional digital marketer must possess. However, the list above provides a good idea of what you need to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Key Skills You Need to Learn Computer Programming

A professional programmer combines knowledge with a set of other skills to perform their tasks optimally. If you plan on becoming a computer programmer, some key skills you must possess include:

  • The ability to learn concepts and apply them to the solution to different types of problems. This skill is crucial for different web building situations;
  • A professional programmer must possess excellent mathematical skills. While knowledge of advanced math may not be necessary, at least good command of Boolean arithmetic and algebra is mandatory;
  • Ability to solve problems efficiently. This is a must for a programmer since most computer programs are created to solve specific problems. The programmer must be capable of identifying a problem and come up with a good solution. He or she must implement the said solution optimally using a suitable programming language;
  • Excellent communication skills. Large software development projects often involve the collaboration of all the team members. While a programmer usually works individually on his or her computer, discussing ideas and solutions with others is common;
  • Good writing skills are necessary for a programmer to document the software he or she develops. Professional programmers must explain their work to people who don’t necessarily have the same level of programming knowledge. Thus, being able to put your ideas down in simple but clear written language is mandatory.

Digital Marketing vs Programming: The Verdict!

With all this information, you will be able to decide what career path suits you better. Both career paths are well remunerated if you reach a high level of expertise and professionalism. Hence, determine where your interests lie and what skills your skills are. This way you will make the best decision.

Abdullah Ghazi is a digital marketing expert who loves to share his knowledge with the world. He is an active blogger who loves to read, write, watch sports and play video games. In addition, he is also a tech geek who keeps track of all the innovations in the world and dreams of becoming one of the top bloggers on the planet.

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