Different Types of Sliding Door Locks: A Solid Explanation

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Different Types of Sliding Door Locks: A Solid Explanation

Door locks are one of the most necessary security tools for your property. The more strong your locking system, the more secured your property is.

There are different types of sliding door locks or glass doors, which ensures safety with sliding features. However, you have to focus on some specific issues while buying a sliding door lock. Let’s know what are the types and how to choose the best one.

Different Types of Sliding Door Locks

There are many sliding door locks that you can use to make your property safe and secure. Here go a solid explanation of some popular sliding door locking systems:

Cylinder Lock

Cylinder locks are the best options for the coastal areas. If your house is a beach house and it is in a coastal town, you need a very high-quality door locking system. The cylinder lock is such a lock system that best suits the sliding glass doors.

It assures you of the safety of your house. Its security system is so strong and powerful that you can never open the lock-up without its key. Normally, you have to set up the lock at the ending point of your door.

There are some cylinder locks which you can place in the middle point of the door also. In that case, you need to use the lever of the door frame to mark the door out.

Security Bar Lock

The security bar lock provides you the best security system. If you use it, you have to place it at the bottom portion of your door. In your sliding door, it constricts the door’s sliding system so that whenever you close the door, it can not open it by sliding without a key. This security bar uses some easily durable metals.

These metals help to restrict the entrance without a key. Only the right key can open up the lock easily. Most of the hotels and apartments use this security bar lock system for safety issues. It fits perfectly in the glass doors without shaking the beauty of the appearance of the doors.

Clasp Lock

Another popular sliding door locking system is a clasp lock. It is a widely used locking system. You can operate the clasp lock using a lever that stays just at the above portion of the key’s hole. The lever maintains the same mechanism as the clasp lock.

Clasp lock has a unique locking mechanism that exists on the bass side of the door from the inner portion. Whenever you use the lever to open up the lock, the mechanism starts to work, and the hook system becomes free from the end of the lever.

As a result, the door slides and gets opened up. The clasp lock also offers you a strong security assurance like all other locking systems.

Foot Bolt

Sliding door locking systems have another invention for you, which is the foot bolt door locking system. The locking system is the only security lock that you can set up either in the top or at the bottom portion of your sliding door.

Generally, you need to install this in the corner part of the door, no matter it is the top or bottom portion. The installation process for this lock is very easy. You can set this up just using a screwdriver and a pin.

You need to push the pin from the inside of the door to the outside bolt part and make it tighten up with your screwdriver. Foot bolt ensures your door locked strongly with the use of a particular spring movement.

How To Choose The Right Lock

In order to choose the right door lock for your sliding door, you have to notice some important issues about the lock. For example-

  1. Try to buy a door lock that belongs to a reputed brand (Ex. Serrurier wemmel) because branded products are more stable and durable than the normal ones.
  2. Learn about the brand services carefully and check if there any warranty or replacement system or not.
  3. Examine the lock cover, head, and body parts properly.
  4. If you are buying a glass door lock, make sure that the design is matched with your door interior system.
  5. Check out the locking mechanism system, and it’s reliability.
  6. Look into its paint quality also.

If you face any problems with your door locks while using, you can take help from professional locksmiths. There are various emergency locksmith services you can reach online easily, such as Surrurier Jacobs. They will provide you the best support in your emergency issues on payment.


Finally, you have a solid explanation about different types of sliding door locks. If you are planning to set up a door locking system for your house, you can choose any of the above locks. Whatever locks you use to lock up your house, make sure to have the right key and also keep a duplicate key in your collection. Otherwise, you have to break your door down, which will cost a lot.

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