Difference Between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive

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Difference Between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive

Suppose you love traveling and photographing. During the journey, you wanted to capture photos to keep those as a memory. What will you be the first choice of yours? I am sure you will choose the mobile. But, sometimes, due to various apps and files in your mobile, the storage remains full. This is where you need another device that will keep your photos, videos, and other files completely safe.

Well, I am talking about Photo stick devices. There is another one called a flash drive. Though both of the devices are similar. But here are some core differences between a photo stick and a flash drive. Let’s have a tour with us for more details through this article.

What is Photo Stick and Flash Drive?

Photo stick and flash drive both of the devices are portable and you can easily use it to transfer photos, files, and other documents. But there is a big difference between a photo stick and a flash drive. Let me describe it. Also, for a clear concept, you can read the photostick mobile review.

Flash drive is a portable device and it can be used to transfer all data. But this device’s storage limit is 128 GB. Also, this device has only one port. In case your device has a type- C port and your flash drive has a type-B port you will face the problem. You have to buy another port or need to use the OTG cable.

But, in Photo stick devices you will find two-port. With those ports, you can easily connect to your android device or in a laptop or notebook. This device is also applicable to Apple and a notebook. Using this device has also a great benefit. You can also use the photo stick app to store those files. Install on any device that you use mostly and then back up the photos and videos with essential files.

Core Differences between a Photo stick and a Flash Drive

What are the basic things you want to get from a transferring device? I am sure about the accessibility of the device. That you can use the device in any device through any port. Well, the core differences between these two devices are basically this port. in the photo stick device, you will get both Types- B & C port. But in a flash drive, you will get only one port.

Besides, most of the android devices have a type-C port. You may use an OTG cable to transfer data. But this is such a hassle to connect another cable during transferring. Also, there is no guarantee that your flash drive can save your essential photos, videos, or other files safely.

But, in a photo stick device, you can install an app and simply use a backup option to save your data. There are some more details you can get of differences between a Photo Stick and a flash drive. Keep reading.


The photo stick device has two different USB ports. This is the reason you can connect it with all other devices. Besides, most of the android phones nowadays have a type-C port. With a photo stick, you don’t have to use any extra port or cable. This device has both type-B & C ports.

So, you can use it easily. For your phone, tablet, notepad, laptop, iPhone, anywhere. But, with a flash drive, it will be a little bit difficult to get access to every device. Because the flash drive has only one port. These are the core differences between these two devices.

Back-Up System

With a flash drive, you can store the photos or videos at a minimum rate. Because the storage has its limit on the flash drive. But, with a photo stick, you can store unlimited files. Besides this device has a built-in app. Installing the Photo stick app will make the storing process easier.

This way your files will be secure, and there is no chance of losing or hacking your data. But in a flash drive, there is no built-in app. And, you can only use the flash drive storage to save your data.

Storage Capabilities

In a photo stick device, you can get lots of storage. From 1 terabyte to 8Gb space. Choose the device storage that you actually want. The flash drive also has storage. But you will get a maximum of 128 GB on this flash drive. This is another basic reason people choose the photo stick over a flash drive. Also, the photo stick uses an app for storing files.


Though photo sticks provide lots of storage and built-in apps, you don’t have to subscribe or pay any big amount to run this. You can easily buy it like other devices. There are no extra charges or subscription fees to use this device. Flash drive also tries to keep the price minimum. But, due to minimum storage, it is less popular than the photo stick.

Safe and Secure

Photo stick devices ensure the safety with maximum security of your files and photos. Because this device has a great back up system. In case you remove the photos from your portable device photo stick, you can recover it through its app. As this app keeps or back up every single thing. But, in the flash drive, you can only store on the drive. There is no extra back up system that you can lately recover.

How does the Photo stick and Flash Drive work?

Using the photo stick device is very simple. As this device has two USB ports you can simply connect one part to your mobile and another port into a laptop. But, it will be quite tough to run if you connect the USB port in the android and iPhone versions at the same time.

After connecting the device, a notification will come to your bar. Select the Backup option and you can restore or save the photos. Also, you can transfer from your mobile to the laptop easily. This way you can also save the item in two places at a time. But when you use a flash drive you have to maintain step by step guidelines. This device doesn’t support two devices at a time.

Final View

Because of technological advancement, you will get more and more smart devices in your regular use. Photostick is one of the smart technologies among them. You already read the differences between a photostick and a flash drive. Both of the devices are portable and comfortable to use. But, the Photo stick device provides a more speed transfer system with a secure version.

This is why people pick up this gadget. Also, it has a great backup system to store unlimited photos and files along with two USB ports. So, you don’t have to use an extra port or OTG cable to transfer files. After considering all the facts you can pick the correct one. Let’s hope you find the right direction to choose the best one.

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