10 Picturesque Cycling Directions Around NYC

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10 Picturesque Cycling Directions Around NYC

Have you ever explored the city by bike? If the answer is “No”, you should definitely try it. We advise you to dedicate a whole day for this. Those who don’t have a bike can use the services of the all-day bike rental.

Just imagine how wonderful it is. You are riding a bike along the streets of the most magnificent city in the world. You go to the shore and feel the breeze of the ocean. Or you can keep roaming the major streets. Here is our NYC bike map with ten best trails.

From Coney Island to Prospect Park

This is a famous Ocean Parkway Greenway that offers you almost a five-mile ride around Brooklyn. Although all bike paths Brooklyn offers are amazing, this one is special: you will enjoy a nice ride around the city and ends not far from the shore. This is a beloved Ocean Parkway bike path.

The Rockaway Beach Broadwalk in Queens

If you choose this path, you are going to visit one of the most popular NYC beaches. However, keep in mind that you should plan your timing. It’s only allowed to ride a bike here in the morning until 10 AM and in the evening after 6 PM.

1628 Shore Parkway – 502 65th Street Ride

The widespread name of this path is Shore Parkway Greenway. You will travel from Bensonhurst Park to Owl’s Head Park. This is more like a tour around NYC places of interest, where you will visit even the United States Army Garrison Fort Hamilton.

Little Red Lighthouse at the George Washington Bridge – Battery Park

The start and finish are already two reasons to choose this path. Besides this, you are going to pass by many other picturesque places. In particular, the route encompasses four parks. People usually refer to the route as the Hudson River Greenway bike path.

The Route around Roosevelt Island

You can go there by crossing the Roosevelt Island Bridge. From there, you take a Roosevelt Island Greenway bike path. The route will take you to a tour around Roosevelt Island. You will be able to take photos of the famous monuments.

Ride around Prospect Park in Brooklyn

Instead of searching for the best bike rides outside NYC, we advise you to explore it from inside. Prospect Park is a wonderful place around a nice park in Brooklyn. Take the loop around the park and enjoy many scenic views.

Tarrytown Lakes Extension

If you are up for a route but can’t choose one from many Westchester cycling routes, consider the one that locals like most of all. It’s a rather short yet interesting route with many parking areas at either end. It suits both amateurs and professionals.

Legendary Central Park Trails

The list of the best riding destinations in NYC will be incomplete without Central Park. It’s a must-visit location for all cyclists; regardless, they are travelers or locals. You can feel as if you are playing the role of your favorite movie character that was shot there.

Visit Governors Island

The distinctive feature of Governors Island is that you can go there by the Governor Island Ferry or the East River Ferry. You can even do this if you are riding a bike. On the island, you can observe many historic buildings.

Palisades Bike Trail

You can take the trail to get out of NYC and visit a nice town on the Hudson – Nyack. Ride along the E Palisades Avenue, and then head right onto Sylvan Way/9W.

We wish you a good ride!

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