Cyber Threats: Possible Techniques To Counter Them

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Cyber Threats: Possible Techniques To Counter Them

Cyber Threats! What are They?

A cyber threat is a mischievous act that damages or steals the data of an individual or organization through any digital device. A cyber-attack can be life threatening too. Sources of cyber threats may include industrial spies, hackers, terrorists, business competitors or even criminal organizations. Attackers are present everywhere; they might be sitting beside you as well.

No matter whether a cyber crime is minor or significant, we should prevent every form. Attackers are ready to harm others in every possible way.

Types of Cyber Attacks

There are many different cyber-crimes which may include:

  • Malware – A harmful virus
  • Hacking – Accessing a device without any authority
  • Trojans – Taking control of your computer
  • Ransomware – Adding malware to your device and demanding money
  • A Data Breach – Accessing data without authorization or permission
  • Phishing – Deceptive ways to gather personal information
  • Misusing personal data – Using your data or identity in a wrong manner
  • Online Scams – Asking for money through false representation
  • Online Child Abusing – downloading or distribution of child pornography online
  • Cyber Stalking – Blackmailing, stalking or harassing through any online source

Each year the rate of cyber-crimes is increasing; therefore it is essential for everyone to prevent such things from happening.

How to Counter Cyber Threats

After knowing that cyber-crime does exist around us, every person should try to defend themselves and their businesses. If your business gets attacked, the chances of failing are quite high. Over 60% SMBs fail annually due to cyberattacks. You never know when you’ll become a victim. Read below to learn some proper ways to counter cyber threats to keep yourself safe and secured.

Strong Passwords

Did you know that many hackers guess your passwords and easily access your accounts? Don’t let that happen! Make sure you generate secure passwords which people cant guess. Along with that try to keep different passwords for every account. Avoid repeating the same passwords. Try to use symbols, characters and long passwords consisting of 8 numbers or alphabets. The stronger the password, the more secure you are. If you can’t think of one, try any of the top free online password generators to help you in creating a secure password.

Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software help to prevent your computer from cyber attacks. Such software keeps your data safe and avoid damage. You can easily find free antivirus software online. However, the paid ones are better. Paid antivirus software help make sure that no malware goes undetected.

VPN Service

Virtual private network (VPN) is one right way to keep your devices safe. A VPN protects your location and data by replacing the IP address of the device you are using. No one, even the government can’t access your location or data if you are using a VPN. With the help of the best VPN services, you can also share data privately.

Share Fewer Details

One thing which can do to prevent malicious activities is to share less information with others online. Nowadays, if you are traveling or doing anything, you consider posting on social media which allows people to know where you are. Other than that if you post too much publicly on social media, it will help people to access your details. In such ways, you will become a victim of a cyber attack.

Keep your Kids Safe

Children are usually unaware of such problems. Keep an eye on them whenever they are using the internet. Make sure they don’t chat with anyone they don’t know. Teach them about all cyber crimes and create awareness.

Keep Up To Date

Wherever you have an account, make sure you are up to date about those companies. For instance, if anytime a cyber attack occurs, you should instantly change your passwords if you know about it. So this means you should always know what’s going on around you.

Cyber Alert

If at any moment you feel that you have become a victim to the cyber threat, instantly report to the concerned authorities. Every country has a cell which deals with cyber crimes. You can contact the police if you feel that you’re facing any of the mentioned threats. Also if you see someone else become a victim, help them and report urgently. Helping others will be good gesture too.

Wrap up

I know cyber crimes are terrifying so that is why we should learn to counter them. As the world is advancing with new technologies, hackers are also finding new ways to access individuals personal details. Therefore we should keep ourselves protected from such attackers and use prevention methods. Creating awareness amongst others is also good. So share this blog with your friends and family members so they can also be more careful while using the internet.

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