Countries that have Banned Social Media

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Countries banned social media

Do you have an idea that some countries have banned social media? It is shocking, right? Leaving a big WHY? Whereas social media has turned out to be so crucial in our everyday lives that we underestimate it. Social media is about something beyond opportunity. It’s a useful tool that has destabilized harsh governments and saved lives.

Social media is a powerful tool today. It makes it feasible for any person to contact, reach, and offer information with thousands and even a great many individuals in the world – Well, this was utterly impossible a couple of years ago. Social media can give profit to the people, organizations, government, in sharing information or spreading any message to the majority. Be that as it may, keeping this advantage aside, social media is being used for both good or evil.

Few people are utilizing this instrument to execute their plan and even lies and deception. No big surprise, even in this period of moment, the use of social media isn’t endless for all. The miserable truth is, a few countries around the world try to restrain outside impacts. Hence, they blocked and censored information whenever possible.

In any case, how would they do this? Why? Also, which countries are blocking social media?

Five Countries that have Banned Social Media:

Check out some exciting reason behind the banned of social media in some countries.

Saudi Arabia:

Numerous types of media, including books, papers, magazines, movies, TV, and substance distributed on the media are censored in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government strictly screens media. In any case, one must be extremely cautious while presenting on social media to avoid getting arrested. Saudi has strict anti-Cybercrime laws.

As being an Islamic country, this country has prohibited about a half million sites which contain substance countering to Islamic convictions; like political, social and religious. All web traffic into Saudi Arabia goes through a switch carefully checked and constrained by the Ministry of the Interior.

Youtube isn’t blocked in this country, but they are planning to discuss this from the local companies producing the content on this platform. From the past few years, Saudi Arabia has additionally been positioning among the countries where individuals spend most hours online.


China is one of the greatest developing countries with the biggest population and controls the world with their products. In any case, there are many unusual things that a large portion of the people don’t think about this dynamic country. China has banned the utilization of social media because the government believes that the greater part of the web substance isn’t healthy and influences the performance of Chinese kids.

The Chinese government has prohibited all the top social media sites in China and surfing on the web is entirely hard in China. There is the apparatus called the Great Firewall of China otherwise known as GFC, in which Chinese government screen the web browsing in the nation and has banned all the top social media activities in the entire country.

Over the previous decade, China has blocked Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and thousands of different websites, including The New York Times and Wikipedia.


It is no big surprise to see Syria’s name in the list of countries that has restricted Social Media. Syria is not a stable country in term of terrorism; in warlike probabilities, confinements on Internet use in the country are probably going to persevere.

Syria effectively bans sites for political reasons and arresting them who access them. Sites which spread legislative issues, minorities, human rights, remote issues, and other delicate subjects are banned in Syria. Social media, messaging sites, and video transferring, people are facing issue while using these sites on social media as their content or browsing history are regularly monitored.


Irani government had banned access to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, after the contested presidential decision held in 2009, when Iranians used social networking sites to voice their contradiction and to sort out challenges.

About 50 percent of the main 500 visited sites worldwide were blocked, making Iran one of the nations that have prohibited Social Media.

North Korea:

North Korea is an especially fascinating case as the country doesn’t merely ban online networking. Access is just accessible with unique authorization and only for government purposes. North Korea bans social media altogether.

You will be amazed to know, yet they approach under 30 sites accessible from inside the nation. No big surprise, their control is positioned as a standout amongst the most extremely in the world.

In any case, representing a potential issue to North Korea’s point of controlling all news sources – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth – in 2013 the nation began to permit outside guests to access to 3G on their cell phones.

Photographs and posts shared on these stages by outsiders give a “behind-the-veil” look at the inward operations of the country. In any case, justifiably for the loner state, such access is cause for worry as the progression of data about the nation is never again under direct control.

Wrap Up

Although social media has turned out to be natural to a large number of us, as we flawlessly switch between platforms on our telephones, desktops and tablets, in numerous nations everyday freedoms are entirely controlled by the state with social channels blocked.

This list isn’t a thorough one, different countries where Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) bans have been basic are Cuba, Egypt, Mauritius, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Algeria.

The inspirations for restriction can extend from benevolent necessities to protect younger ones from inappropriate content, authoritarians’ shots to control a country’s entrance to data and truly, the political ones.

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