Corrugated Boxes – Innovative Protection

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Corrugated Boxes – Innovative Protection

Tired of using those old card boxes with the typical square shape? Unable to make goods sit perfectly in those boxes? Well, it might not be a great idea to use a thin layer of card box to pack fragile items or food. Corrugated boxes were made with an idea to overcome these issues.

Instead of a single cardboard layer, these boxes are made of 3 layers of paper. A crinkled paper layer covered from both sides with two layers of papers. The best thing about these boxes is that they are eco-friendly. These boxes can not only be recycled easily but they can also be made from recycled material.

Recent research highlights how sustainable packaging can help you in reducing your carbon foot prints. Corrugated boxes were leading the packaging industry and proved to be the best innovation made so far in packaging history.

Let us have a quick look over and find out if these boxes are good enough.

Customize as Per Your Needs

The best thing about corrugated boxes is that you can construct them as per the design of the items you need to pack. Think about the round vine bottles. You can make a perfect box with a specially designed interior to firmly hold the bottles during the delivery process.

It’s highly customizable structure has proven track record of providing superior packaging solutions for items that were impossible to fit in a box of any shape. 

Great For Food Items

In recent research of the University of Bologna, as compared to normal card boxes or other packaging materials, corrugated boxes can keep the food, fruits and vegetables fresh up to three days longer. It clearly shows how beneficial these boxes can be when the delivery needs to be made to faraway places. 

Protection For Fragile Items

Corrugated boxes provide have rows of air columns between two layers of paperboard. These air columns work as a cushion for items packed inside and absorb the shocks cause during handling and delivery.

Corrugated boxes are playing an important role in the packaging industry and what are the specialized tests to test the strength and ability to hold the load of corrugated boxes.

Lightweight yet durable

Corrugated boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. They make it convenient to pack, load and unload the goods. However, lightweight doesn’t mean this packaging material will affect the ability of packaging to hold the items. This material can fight climate changes.

It means if you need to store the goods for a long period or items are being delivered to a place where the climate is completely different, corrugated boxes will keep your products safe for example from sunlight or humidity. Its moisture-resistant quality will help you a lot in long shipments of food products. It helps to keep the food items like fruits and vegetables protected from moisture and ensure the delivery of fresh goods.

Make it your marketing tool

The material used for making corrugated boxes is the best packaging material for printing. Its better printing and graphics capabilities allow the companies to use boxes with their logos and other information of companies printed on those boxes.

This makes it a perfect marketing tool for the company to make their brand known to the people not only live in the locality but also faraway places. One more important feature of these boxes is the smooth exterior that makes it convenient to write.

Sometimes you need to write customer information, any delivery instructions or any other details on the boxes. Its smooth texture allows you to write anything using a pen or marker.

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