Connecting Children to Modern Technology

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Connecting Children to Modern Technology

Technology at all times has been a victim to scrutiny and accusations. Some called it witchcraft while others were a bit too reliant on the old ways of how you should do something. Nonetheless, even after all these barriers, technology seems to find a way to flourish. We have come a very long way from the invention of the wheel. Most people today won’t even consider the wheel as a technology, but it was a miraculous invention of its time. The technology today is much more closer to witchcraft if one is ignorant of the ways of science. I mean you can look into a glass screen and see what is happening around the world at the very moment. This is what was once the very definition of wizardry. But now, it is a very healthy routine and a prevalent method to watch the news.

The latest technology may seem astonishing to an old person, but it is a very normal progression for a child that is growing up in the current era. The internet and personal computers were once a very strange thing for people, but now we cannot imagine our lives without them. Same is the case with smartphones. The little devices that are an essential part of our lives and that we need to function properly in today’s world. Our children, from the very young age, are dependent to screens and gadgets. This dependency can sometimes be harmful, however, once in a while, we see a child that is prodigiously smart due to the assistance of these gadgets in gaining information.

So, the real question isn’t if the technology is bad or not, as it can be both good and bad. The real question is how much of it is good, and where do we draw the line after which it is harmful? However, this is a very complex question, and it depends on many factors, including environment, health, and lifestyle to properly conclude what is considered too much. In the end, the answer varies for each individual.

The benefits of technology are countless and can easily surpass the negatives of its use in numbers. But the real problem is the disadvantages of technological devices that stunt the growth of our children and affect their personality in ways more than just one. The most common problem that the parents complain about the children from the digital age is the lack of real human interaction and reduced physical activity. The reduced real-life interaction results in the child being an introvert and awkward in social situations. While the reduced physical activity has much more serious consequences on the overall health of the individual. 


In my opinion, it is essential for a child to be familiar with the latest forms of technology and communication. It helps them in being a more civilized, informative, and forward looking human. At the same time, I believe that human ingenuity is important, and we cannot rely on screens and Artificial Intelligence to provide a complete human interaction. A human kid needs his/her sun time and plenty of human interaction and physical exercise. For the scheduled screen time that they will have, we can always use the likes of mSpy app remote monitoring tool to help us keep an eye out for our kids even when we are away at work.

Sam is a professional content marketer that loves to share her knowledge by publishing blogs online. She has spent the last five years in offering digital marketing services to many leading brands. Also, she is an avid reader and gamer who loves to try new video games with her friends.

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