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ColorNote for Mac

The ColorNote is an all in one designing application that sits right to your menu bar for easy and quick access.  With the basic enabled elegant interface, this application provides the various color designs that are essential for making the designing applications to look greater such as color wheel, color editor, swatch pane and a color picker tool which is most importantly used by the user. 

In general, the ColorNote application redefines optimized and minimalism workflow for an all around productive session for developing and designing applications. All of the important features of the ColorNote are seamlessly integrated into the ColorNote application just to provide the natural and simple experience to the user in editing the images for the designing an application. 

For example when you are designing a front page of the website then you can add the unique color to the image just by simply picking the color with the ColorNote picker tool or using the color wheel you can select the unique color from the image and use it in your designing page. 

The ColorNote application has a lot of inbuilt tools where these tools help you to pick the particular color from the online image or from another website image for designing the website cover image. This application is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems where you can separately download the application for your device just by specifying the ColorNote for Mac or Windows operating system device. 

What makes the ColorNote app as great?

If you are looking forward to using this application for designing and developing the website as like the sample website taken from the internet, then you can use the ColorNote application for designing the website. This application offers a number of integrated tools in one color designing application and by using this application you can pick the color from any website cover image and use it on your designing application. 

The following are some of the basic features of the ColorNote for Mac or Windows application that is provided to its users and these features make the application great one for the users. Apart from the basic features like Quick access, you can use the Color manager for the fast color prototyping, Auto-copying of the picked colors and huge variety of color formats. The ColorNote application also provides the below features to the user in order to make their work even simpler one. 

  • Widget compatible – This feature helps the user to create a sticky note to the home of your computer device for the quick access of the application.
  • List maker – It allows the user to create a to-do list which is useful in the situation where you are going to shop the color pigments. After that you can set your notes and mark it as done so you will remember that you have finished the task.
  • Organized notes – When creating the notes the user can apply different colors so that you can easily distinguish and identify your information where this also has the calendar  that you can use for scheduling purposes.
  • Online backup – One of the most important and amazing aspects of using the ColorNote application is that the user is able to synchronize the files on a cloud service. So even if you lost your file or device then you don’t need to be worried because you have a copy of the file on the cloud. In which notes that you backup on the cloud are being encrypted in order to ensure the safety of your files. 

How to install the ColorNote for Mac:

Install ColorNote for Mac

There are mainly two methods which you need to follow for installing the application of ColorNote for Mac according to your convenience you can follow any one method for installing the application. The simple and convenient method of installing the ColorNote application steps is given below. But before installing the application into your system just makes sure you have the following things in your system. They are.

  • You need to have the dual core processor that is capable of running at 1.5Hz or faster.
  • The installed RAM memory size of the CPU must be more than 2GB or better.
  • Ensure that you have installed the latest graphics driver in your PC in order to avoid the graphical glitch.
  • It needs to consider that there is enough free space in your hard drive. Make sure that you have more than 10GB of free space or more. 

Installing the ColorNote application from the Apple store:

In this option you can install the ColorNote application for your pc by going directly to the apple or ios store. To start installing the app, follow the procedure below.

  • Open a new tab on your web browser and then go to google or Bing search engine. Now look for the ios or apple app – ios store.
  • Click on the search button and then look for the ColorNote notepad notes application. 
  • Once you find the application, then click the “Get” button and then download it into your system.
  • After you finished the download then open the start menu of your Mac and then search for it by typing its name on the search bar.
  • Finally click its icon and it will start the ColorNote on your Mac computer device.


The ColorNote application is an excellent way to save your important information and events that you need to or to keep as information then it is best to use the ColorNote app. This application can be downloaded directly from the online Mac/windows store. 

The ColorNote for Mac or Windows OS contains the all in one integrated tools in one application and by using this application you can easily pick the color from the online website images or from the image of other official business sites. The ColorNote application is found to be the best app for the windows/Mac operating system where it provides a huge number of benefits to the user in making the designing and developing process very simple and easy one.

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