How Much Does A Cohabitation Agreement Cost

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Cohabitation Agreement

Many are familiar with the term cohabitation. But do all of them know how much does a cohabitation agreement cost? It is essential to understand by all the lovers who want to share a relationship without marriage.

To make that unique relation approve by the country or the state, a couple should know all details about it. Actually, this relationship’s main motive is to share everything along with love, as sharing is caring.

You will be clear about all this after reading the whole article. Before that, here is some general information about the cohabitation agreement for the new lovebirds.     

What Is A Cohabitation Agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is also known as a “Living together agreement or Contract.” That means when a loving couple is living together in the same house but not married, they have to go through a contract. The contract mainly deals with the details about managing money matters.

The couple has to share rent, debt, and bills according to this agreement. There will be no space for emotional pressures, as this can result in a breakup. The whole thing should be fair here like the prover, “Everything is fair in love and war.”

This agreement can be made at any time with the help of a lawyer. But first, you need to know if it is legal in your state or not.

What Does A Cohabitation Agreement Cover?

A cohabitation agreement covers many responsibilities like the one mentioned in the cohabitation agreement Saskatchewan. Those are to be shared in a relationship after a mutual discussion. Such as:

  • Possession over property
  • Contribution to rent, debt, and household bills
  • Maintaining the joint bank account
  • Life insurance policy
  • Retirement pensions
  • Nominating each other in the pension option
  • Belongings like furniture, cars, jewelry, and other properties
  • Pets concern
  • Rising child if any
  • Child support after the breakup
  • Spousal amount with or without child

What Are The Points To Be Included In The Agreement?

Each cohabitation agreement is not the same as it depends on one’s conditions. But there are some key elements you should look upon before looking for advice from a lawyer.

Owned property before living together

If one companion owns a property, the other companion cannot claim it. It should be mentioned in the contract. But, if the other partner pays the debt or loan of that property, then he or she can have a possession in the hereafter.

The purchased property when living together

If the couple buys a property together, then there should be include of both the names. But when the couple breaks up, then a partner can take the property, and the other should be given an equal amount of money. Or, the whole property can be sold, and the money will be divided among them. Until that, both of them can stay in the house happily.

Domestic bills

Domestic bills include electricity bills, water supply bills, kitchen utensils, and gas bills. As it comes per month, both partners can pay half amount to maintain the proper relationship without any issue. In this case, they should look upon whether it is personal or joint property.

Heirloom and wills

As the couple is not legally married or in a domestic partnership, they cannot inherit each other’s lands if any of them dies. But if you desire to give something to your mate, you will need to write it on a will with a lawyer’s help and keep it updated. 

Independent legal guidance

While making the cohabitation agreement, both partners need to pursue independent legal guidance to confirm that the contract has been understood and agreed by both. After approving this, the court will take it under action and make it useful if they are also about to get separated. There should also be mentioned both of your monetary conditions.

How Much Does A Cohabitation Agreement Cost?

The cohabitation agreement cost depends on the number of agreements a couple wants to include and their living arrangements. Naturally, the charge is somewhat between £750 to £2000 plus vat.

There are two ways to create a cohabitation agreement. First, hire a lawyer and draft the agreement. Second, do it by themselves. Of course, the second one is cheaper, and many tend to choose that one.

But the problem with the second one is when there is a problem between them, there will be no one to give witness. In this case, it will be risky to seek the law’s help as there is a trusting issue.

The cohabitation agreement that is made without a lawyer’s concern is also less likely to be imposed by the court. Therefore, if a couple wants their settlement to be foolproof, it is essential to hire a lawyer and draft it for them.

A little more money might spend, but it will be the safest procedure to avoid all the problems. So they should talk to an expert about it and start the process as early as possible because there is a saying that the early is the better.


From the above article, it is hopefully clear about how much does a cohabitation agreement cost. Additionally, you have known the actual definition of a cohabitation agreement and the things that must be mentioned in the contract to avoid any misunderstanding between a couple.

As this term is not legally approved in some states, the partners should consult with a lawyer for further information. The best way is to consult face to face with all the legal documents about the individuals. But if a couple wants to do the draft according to themselves, there might be something missing.

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