Clover Flex vs the Clover Station – What Is the Best for Restaurants

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Clover Flex vs the Clover Station – What Is the Best for Restaurants

Most restaurant owners have heard of Clover point of sale systems. Clover Networks has transformed checkout across the foodservice industry in recent years. The layout of a restaurant and the ways customers place and pay for an order will determine whether owners and operators should choose a Clover Mini POS, Flex, or Station hardware. Find out more about the features of Clover POS systems and how to select the best operational management and payment processing solution.

Get Ready To Take Orders Anywhere

Mobility is the major advantage of Clover Flex. This handheld Clover credit card machine is a self-sufficient POS system capable of replacing a cash register, card reader, terminal, and printer. If you want employees to be able to process payments anywhere at a location or even outside, consider getting a Clover Flex. The Flex has a long-lasting rechargeable battery and is available with a cellular connection or wireless connectivity.

The Flex features a built-in camera and QR code scanner for checkout and inventory management. The touch-screen display makes it possible to confirm input, easily accept customer signatures, and print receipts. In addition to cards with magnetic strips or EMV chips, the Flex also accepts contactless payments. Whether customers form a line to place orders or order from tables, this POS software opens up a world of options for more accurate and efficient order placement and fulfillment.

Choose a Full Countertop Display

If the floorplan of a restaurant has room for a dedicated checkout area, the owner or operator might want to replace a register or terminal with the Clover Station POS. The Station is the most comprehensive Clover system, with a full-size countertop display and options for peripherals such as a cash drawer or barcode scanner. Clover Station can accept every major payment type, including contactless, near field communication methods.

Restaurants that rely on a Clover Station have many options for improving visibility for employees and customers. In addition to the larger main screens included in the most recent generation of Station 2.0 hardware, this POS system is also compatible with a customer-facing display. Make it easier for customers to place or monitor orders with this advanced POS hardware and the full-featured Clover Register system software. The Clover Station also comes with a receipt printer.

Pick the Right POS Solution

The layout of a restaurant, the pace of business, and menu size are all important factors when selecting a POS system. Clover hardware and software are powerful enough to function as a restaurant management system in addition to accepting and securely processing payments. Mini and Flex hardware can run Register Lite or Register software, while the Clover Station requires the full Register software plan.

Clover makes some of the most robust next-generation POS systems. Handheld Flex hardware empowers employees to take orders, process payments, and accept contactless payments or customer signatures anywhere. The tablet-based Mini or full-featured Station countertop displays offer enhanced visibility and options for employee and customer-facing displays and printers. Restaurant owners and operators should select hardware and software to support exceptional service at an establishment.

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