CBD for Sleep: How CBD Can Upgrade Your Rest

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CBD for Sleep: How CBD Can Upgrade Your Rest

Ever since it’s legalization in December 2018, CBD seems to be everywhere. It’s become incredibly popular: So popular, in fact, that a recent survey indicated that 1 in 7 Americans have actually tried the compound.

One of the reasons that CBD is so popular is because it seems as if a potential new use for it is being discovered every day. CBD has been identified as having the potential to address numerous p[roblems, including pain, inflammation, skin disorders, and more.

One of the most popular potentials uses for CBD may be its ability to help you sleep. Indeed, numerous anecdotal stories and some scientific research has found that CBD may be able to assist you in getting a good night’s rest.

How does this work? And how should you take CBD if you are looking to sleep better? Here’s a look at the facts, research, and data so far.

CBD and Sleep: How It May Help

CBD works by altering the functioning of your body’s Endocannabinoid System, enhancing the bonds between your body’s naturally produced cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. This, in turn, will impact many of your body’s systems, including pain, appetite, anxiety, and potentially sleep.

Furthermore, two of the biggest issues which prevent Americans from sleeping are pain and anxiety. There are studies and anecdotal reports which show that many have found benefit in these two areas from CBD. As such, assistance with sleep may be a bonus impact of CBD.

Current Scientific Research

The research surrounding CBD and sleep continues to grow. One review, published in April 2017, examined studies about CBD and sleep and found evidence to suggest that CBD may help the body better regulate its day/night cycles, which improves sleep. Another large case study, examining 103 individuals, found that many were able to get relief from sleeping problems by taking CBD. A smaller CBD study, this one from 2019, examined 72 patients and found that 2/3 of those who took CBD reported better sleep. One last study, this one from 2014, found that CBD may be able to help people who have trouble sleeping reduce their daytime sleepiness and grogginess.

There is also evidence to advise that CBD can assist with more severe sleep disorders. Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease often suffer from REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder, an illness in which they will thrash violently as they act out their dreams. A study from 2017 found CBD to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of this disorder.

Furthermore, according to a survey by Consumer Reports, 10% of all Americans who have tried CBD said they did so in order to get help sleeping – and a majority of those found it to be helpful.

CBD and Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced within your body. One of its primary responsibilities is to help your body maintain a day/night cycle. It is also produced as a medicine and used for a variety of illnesses, including sleep. Indeed, many studies have found that taking melatonin can help with sleep disorders.

It makes sense, then, that CBD and melatonin be combined into a soft gel or other formats in order to help with sleeping. That’s one of the reasons that CBD Softgels with Melatonin have become available for purchase and relatively popular within the CBD world.

What To Do If You Want To Take CBD

Before taking CBD, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The good news is that CBD is regarded as safe and with relatively little side effects, at least according to a report from the World Health Organization. However, there is some research to indicate that CBD may interact negatively with some drugs. As such,  always check with your doctor before taking CBD. Your doctor should be familiar with the latest research and will know there are any concerns for you.

Second, make sure to check the CBD’s Certificate of Analysis to confirm that the medication you want to take has been tested for purity and that the label is accurate. A Certificate of Analysis is a test done by a third-party vendor that will confirm that the ingredients listed on the CBD label are accurate. Do not buy a CBD product if it lacks this Certificate, and remember that all reputable CBD vendors will have this information easily available and accessible.

More research needs to be done. However, initial indications are positive. Available evidence suggests that CBD may be able to reduce numerous physical and emotional problems, including sleep challenges.

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