Understanding the Importance of Penetration Testing To Your Business

When they’re not proactive with their network’s security, any business can potentially lose their major assets, customers, clients, and a significant amount of money. There is so much to lose when a company’s IT department fails to assess a potential cyber attack during the operation. In today’s world, where technology continually evolves, every business must invest in performing penetration testi...[Read More]

How to use Chrome developer tools to debug JavaScript

Hello, readership. In the past few years, JavaScript has become the leading language for scripting web projects with the emergence of various libraries such as jQuery and Prototype. The growing popularity and ease of use has led to full-fledged applications such as Gmail, which contain thousands of lines of JavaScript, placing increased demands on the development team in terms of tooling skills. H...[Read More]

A Guide to Buying the Best PC Monitor

Whenever you buy computer parts, one of the main things you should consider is your monitor. Looking at the right monitor is just as crucial as selecting the other parts of your computer system. The reason is, your monitor can affect the graphics displayed, as well as the performance and overall efficiency. To choose the best pc monitor, read below for some guidelines and tips. You can find the ti...[Read More]

6 Advantages of Using Dell Desktop PC

There is a lot of options on the devices that you use at home or work. Depending on your demands and needs, you can choose among desktop, tablet, and laptop devices as systems for business or profession. Each type has its purpose, but a Del Desktop PC has many advantages over portable devices in most situations. It has more useful technology in use for work and business.  It has a flexible display...[Read More]

Difference Between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive

Suppose you love traveling and photographing. During the journey, you wanted to capture photos to keep those as a memory. What will you be the first choice of yours? I am sure you will choose the mobile. But, sometimes, due to various apps and files in your mobile, the storage remains full. This is where you need another device that will keep your photos, videos, and other files completely safe. W...[Read More]

Clover Flex vs the Clover Station – What Is the Best for Restaurants

Most restaurant owners have heard of Clover point of sale systems. Clover Networks has transformed checkout across the foodservice industry in recent years. The layout of a restaurant and the ways customers place and pay for an order will determine whether owners and operators should choose a Clover Mini POS, Flex, or Station hardware. Find out more about the features of Clover POS systems and how...[Read More]

How Can Your Device Be Hacked?

When using a computer connected to the network, you always run the risk of becoming a hacker victim. There is no ideal system protection against intruders. Well-crafted malware can provide access and control to computer hardware. These programs work at the lowest level, i.e., it is impossible to find them, except in the case when the system uses specialized protective software. To fight with hacke...[Read More]

Why a Government Office Needs a Visitor Management System?

Do government organizations need a visitor management system or VMS? The answer to this question is a big – Yes. When it comes to government work, a lot of protection is required. Why? The answer is simple. Government officials deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential documents. Hence, the loss of such important documents can put a lot of things at stake.  To keep the documents safe and ...[Read More]

Top 5 Ways to Make a Video Collage with Photos

5 Quick and Easy Steps to Make a Video Collage from Photos [Along With Tips] Are you bored of mindlessly swiping through the photos in your gallery? Then maybe you should try your hand at creating a photo montage. Photo montage, or video collages, can be an excellent way to give your plain, old, boring photos a little glam. It contains a series of photographs that you can position in a desirable a...[Read More]

Why are Online Enterprises Integrating Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

Hybrid Cloud computing is increasingly becoming an integral part of business strategy, and more firms are already leveraging this new technology to give them an edge in business. Hybrid Cloud computing is an environment that allows the sharing of data and mobile apps by combining a private cloud and a public cloud. The advantage that comes with it, is sharing work overflow when the computing and p...[Read More]

How Cell Phone Technology Has Changed Society

Cell phone technology is relatively new. It may feel as though it has been around for generations. The first cell phone was created only a few decades back, but since then, the invention has swept the entire world under its tow. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a cell phone in their pocket and perform daily activities using it. There is no doubt about the fact that mobile technology has transformed s...[Read More]

Top IT framework ITIL in the software industry for accurate service delivery

When it comes to IT service delivery, ITSM (information technology service management) steps in. It is the craft of managing, implementing, and delivering the IT services to meet the organization’s requirements. In today’s era of cat race, all want their business to lead high compared to their competitor, and hence, to achieve success and to be at top of all, ITSM is of basic importanc...[Read More]