Sri Lanka Bombings 2019: Easter or Disaster?

Easter is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is supposed to be a happy event for the Christian brothers and sisters all over the world. Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. It is the day to be rejoiced and cherished around the globe and the Christian community enjoys the festival with full enthusiasm. They go to the church for special prayers on this day and ...[Read More]

Tesla Model S Catches Fire in China! Are Electric Cars Actually Safe?

This is not the first time we’ve heard that Tesla exploded. This time it happened in China, Shanghai, a massive market for the company. Tesla at first did not want to mention the model of the car that exploded. However, it could be seen in a short video on a Chinese Social media website, Weibo. The incident was reported on 21st April at 8:15 on the site and it was found that the model was Tesla’s ...[Read More]

Wireless Fujitsu keyboards: A Hacker’s Paradise, Is it true?

The security researchers of Germany had discovered blemish in the Fujitsu keyboard LX901. Due to this issue, the hackers can gain access to the computer of the victim and then they can purloin the personal information with the help of malware. The personal information includes passwords, credentials, credit card details, etc. The researchers of the firm SySS discovered this issue. They concluded t...[Read More]

Mexico’s Walmart Penalized Suppliers To Gain Supremacy

In Mexico, the dominator Walmart has penalized suppliers of food companies who were providing grocery to Amazon. Amazon online is one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Amazon wanted to gain supremacy in Mexico; however, Walmart’s actions might lead it to go down. Many suppliers have now moved back and are not supplying products to Amazon to maintain their business relationship with Walmart. L...[Read More]

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Health Care

Technology is one thing making our lives more productive and more comfortable. As the days pass by technology is growing faster and helping people in the best way. Hence, technology is working to make healthcare sector better as well. Chief executive officer and director, Bruce D. Broussard, in FortunesHealth conference, stated that during medical crises technology will be the only thing helping t...[Read More]

Russia Planning to Ban VPN Services in the Country: Privacy, a Solution or Threat?

In Moscow, people were accessing blocked and censored websites through VPN services. Therefore on Thursday March 28th 2019 , a communication watchdog pressurised to block the usage of all VPN (virtual private network) services in the country. Russia blocked some sites including Dailymotion and Telegram due to some broad issues faced by the state. Laws of Russia have prevented people from using a f...[Read More]