SQM Club: Who Are They, And What Have They Achieved So Far? 

The SQM club is an international institution that travels and has chapters around the globe. They put in serious efforts to build sustainable communities with the help of esteemed members from around the world. Moreover, all those that are a part of the SQM Club membership are dedicated to global sustainability goals, which involve doing more than just making money. This blog will reveal everythin...[Read More]

Ride-Hailing Service – BYKEA – Faces Backlash after Accidental Push Notification Contains Abusive Language

In an unprecedented incident that has left users shocked and outraged, a popular ride-hailing service BYKEA accidentally sent a push notification at 12:15 pm containing abusive language to its millions of users. The company, known for its convenience and reliability, now deals with the fallout from this major blunder. It seems that BYKEA Hacked has become the talk of the town! The incident occurre...[Read More]

Cricket News Around the Globe

Shoaib Akhtar Lauds India Team India’s Ajinkya Rahane has a fan in former Pakistan speedster, Shoaib Akhtar, who recently extolled Rahane’s virtues on his YouTube channel, “Team India has beaten Australia like how you beat up a person in a sack. Characters are not made in crisis, they are exhibited. Team India has exhibited their talent when they were in deep crisis. This is team India’s character...[Read More]

Top 5 Ranked Best California Colleges for Students to Join in 2021

Are you looking for the best college in California? Do you have an alternative, or you don’t know what to do with hundreds of choices? Nonetheless, a good college entails more than ranking. Good Colleges in California that You Should Join. The time to grab your dream is now. You just need to figure out how your new college life will be in California. Again, what makes a school standout is more tha...[Read More]

Newcastle Continues to Boom and Offer a Wealth of Opportunities in Property and Pink Diamonds

The City of Newcastle is hardly recognisable from what it was 20 years ago. Back in the 20th century, the region was known for its heavy industry and steelmaking for rails. The old Hunter Region was a workhorse of the Australian economy with refineries and foundries focused on the production of coal, steel, lead, aluminium, and zinc. Today, Newcastle is a shade of its past. Revitalisation at the f...[Read More]

Ventilator Fire at St Petersburg Hospital, Russia Killed 5 COVID-19 Patients

In the intensive care unit of St Petersburg hospital, five coronavirus patients lost their lives due to a fire. The fire was caught because of a short-circuit on a ventilator, according to Russian news agencies. Russia’s Emergency ministry stated that “the fire was rapidly controlled and approximately 150 people were evacuated from the hospital”. One hundred five fire-fighters an...[Read More]

US Oil Prices Go Negative Due to The Covid-19 Pandemic

The downfall in global demand for oil led to an odd modification on Monday 20th April 2020. The prices of U.S. oil fell under zero for the first time in history and continued to decline.  The leading U.S. oil scale, West Texas Intermediate, developed at negative $37.63. Focused by an exchange agreement cut-off date, dealers, to a great extent, searched for purchasers for the containers of oil...[Read More]

Coronavirus Protection Tips: How Bad Is It?

Every single person now has heard something or the other regarding the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) that eventually started in China and has now spread to many other parts of the world, including the US. Some people have heard that the virus is deadly, and on the other hand sanitizers, masks, and tissues are running out of stock. But nobody knows how bad it is or what they should do about it. B...[Read More]

US Cities Shut Down Due To the Spread Of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

All major US cities have closed down schools, parks, restaurants, bars, and theatres as actions to prevent the severe spread of Coronavirus worldwide. The Centres for Disease Control endorses that all crowds of 50 people or more than that have to be banned. European nations closed their boundaries. States like New York, Washington, and Los Angeles have all declared to shut down all public building...[Read More]

Impact Of Coronavirus On Sports

Due to coronavirus, the world is significantly impacted by the cancellation of major sports. No games will be played across the whole world, which means a reduction in ticket sales. The world has gone dark by losing around $160 billion In just the month of march 2020. A high number of consequences have been faced by athletes, team leaders, organizations, and a high number of people who are related...[Read More]

Connecting Children to Modern Technology

Technology at all times has been a victim to scrutiny and accusations. Some called it witchcraft while others were a bit too reliant on the old ways of how you should do something. Nonetheless, even after all these barriers, technology seems to find a way to flourish. We have come a very long way from the invention of the wheel. Most people today won’t even consider the wheel as a technology, but ...[Read More]

Stranger Things Season 4: Jim Hopper is Back!

Stranger Things, the Netflix science fiction-horror show, presents the theme of quite a few shady vanishings in a small town. The Stranger Things Season 4 is finally around the corner. It is expected to release in the late 2020 or early 2021. We can predict the release date after seeing the pattern of season 1, 2, and 3.   Stranger Things Season 4 has revealed to have nine episodes. The season sta...[Read More]