Is Busy Software Still Worth The Hype?

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Is Busy Software Still Worth The Hype?

There are a range of software that serves the need of small and medium scale businesses. Of these, Busy software has also made its name in the market owing to its functionality and ease of operational use.

Let us review that software to check out if it has stood the test of time and serves the interest of small and medium scale business owners for whom it has been specially designed.

Busy software can be a complete solution package for business owners who wish to work across different industry verticals. It has been helping small and medium scale industries working across the segments to integrate their business approach.

This business software covers financial accounting, multi-location inventory, processing of orders, and invoicing.

It has been used by customers from industry segments like FMCG, Retail, Trading, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service sectors. This software has been designed with the capabilities of ensuring smooth business operation across segments.

Available in a range of variants

This software is available in three different variants

Category Target Group
Basic Micro and Small Business owners
Standard Small and Medium Businesses
Enterprise Small and Medium Enterprise

The basic edition in this software is available only in single-user options; the standard and enterprise variants come in three different options, namely single user, multi-user and client-server.

 Key features:

  • Barcode and email integration available
  • Multi-user login and role-based access available
  • Online document storage facility as backup available
  • Bonus, loan and advance management options available
  • Supplier and purchase order management facility available
  • Taxation management option exists
  • Generation of VAT/CST and GST reports facility
  • Web-based reporting facility available
  • The facility of accessing data on the go available
  • MIS report generation and payroll management facilities available
  • Online banking integration facility available

Advantages and limitations of the software

Key Advantages

Simplifies the data entry process

Fast data entry operations enable business owners to devote their time to other important tasks too. It offers fast processing and delays between the sale and invoicing are minimized.

Automation of Reports

Small and medium scale business owners want quick-fix solutions when losses might occur. This software generates reports and analysis on profits and loss, debtors and creditors, inventory count, sale and forecasting too, which enables the business owners to streamline their business.

Reduction in errors

This accounting software also leads to a reduction in errors as an incomplete recording of transactions as such entries cannot be made in the software.

Integration with other systems

The software has been linked with online banking and e filing facilities, which makes business operations smooth in the long run.

This accounting software helps the business owners save time and money, and valuable insights can be put into operational issues dealing with business. Making a judicious decision and choosing the accounting software will definitely help in streamlining the business operations in the long run.

Key Limitations

Like any other business segment, the area of accounting software also has some limitations. These should definitely be in your consideration before you make the final decision of purchasing Busy accounting software for your small and medium scale business.

Price is a consideration

Price can be a consideration when it comes to accounting software. Though the cost would be minimal in comparison to other cost inputs that you might have made in the business, yet the accounting software does cost, especially when you make a comparison with a paper-based accounting system.

Implementation process

Implementing a paper-based accounting set up is definitely easier in comparison to accounting software as specialized people will be needed to set up the same. The accountant operating the same also needs to be trained suitably which will inevitably cost more when it comes to paying salaries to accounting software trained staff.

Support System

Accounting software like Busy comes with a support system, but that too has a price. You will need to purchase a yearly maintenance package which will cost you a fair amount of money.

Comparison of Busy with other software

Busy and Tally are two of the popular accounting software which small and medium scale business owners are using in large numbers. With Tally being an old and established name in the market, at times users are definitely confused as to which accounting software should be used.

However, the bottom line is that both the software, like other accounting software, are easy to use and have almost the same features which make both of these usable and better for small and medium business owners. While the Busy accounting software offers free trial services to the users, Tally does not come with any such offer.

Accounts software is a great way of integrating the business and making it simple and easy to operate for any business owner. If the small limitations that Busy as an accounting software might have, it is definitely one of the preferred accounting software that should be tried.

Ritu Kasana, currently working as a Media Coordinator with Techjockey. With more than three years of experience in SEO content and the latest optimization practices, I like to write on trending software and technology. I am a tech lover and always look for the latest industry trends to keep the readers updated.


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