Is Beyblade Trend Over Or The Sport Moved Into Millions Of Homes?

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Every year we see a new toy emerging in the market, but a few leave an everlasting impression than the others.

Where every toy these days comes with buttons and batteries, it is nice to have a diversion from routine. Remember the time; spinning tops used to be the most fun and entertaining toy for kids, which took a drastic turn when a newer version of tops came into the market, Beyblades.

It is more than a decade since the first spinning top appeared. While Beyblades may go way back in time, they are new to this generation of kid and teens.

If the question is about whether the Beyblade trend is over or not, it is not. It might have lost its charisma for a short period of time in between just like every other thing because people move on from one thing as soon as the other launches in the market.

Have you ever thought what is it that does not let the charm of Beyblades dull, but increase with every passing day?


Beyblades made its comeback in 2008 with a bang that changed the whole world of Beyblades and the way they have been used before. It does not only stayed popular amongst the kids but also teenagers. The studies show that more than 24 million of Beyblade and accessories were sold in just 18 months, which means there was something new and exciting in the latest version of Beyblades.

It was the type of Beyblades and what they could do, which increased their demand in the market and among the kids and teenager. Not only that, but it also became a proper sport and made its place in every home.


Beyblade burst is also one of the reasons that made Beyblades popular once again and ended up with the world’s first Beyblade Burst World Championship in 2018.

You can find every type and quality of Beyblade in the market, but it is important to choose the one that fit your need the best.

Types of Beyblades

When it comes to batteling, there are four types of Beyblades from which you can choose, that are;

  • Attack Beyblade
  • Stamina Beyblade
  • Defence Beyblade
  • Balance Beyblade

Attack Beyblade

These ones come with a flat tip that allows them for a bigger contact zone with the Beyblade stadium. Flat tips are quicker and far more mobile than other tips, which provide a bigger impact on collision.

Stamina Beyblade

These Beyblades have a thinner tip in comparison to other ones. A thin tip limits the friction between the stadium and the blade. It allows them to rotate at higher speed for a longer period of time.

. . . and far more stable than others, because forge disc weight is evenly distributed.

Defence Beyblade

Defence type Beyblades are the heaviest among all the other because they are designed to reduce the impact of the choc with the opponent Beyblade. They come with a smooth and round energy layer, which makes it harder for the opponent to get hold of the Beyblade.

Balance Beyblade

Balance Beyblades offer full control in the player’s hand. They can be customized by combining different elements from the other three types of Beyblades, which makes them more versatile.

The Game!

This is the fun part where you can make the game more enthusiastic with various tips and tricks. The player has to earn three points to win the match, which depends on the outcome of the round.

  • Ring out finish; it is when one of the Beyblade is knocked out of the stadium or the ring. The one that stays in till the end scores 1 point.
  • Burst finish; the Beyblade that bursts out during the collision first is out of the game and the one that stays put scores 2 points.
  • Survivor finish; between the Beyblades, the one that keeps spinning till the end, surviving, scores 1 point.

To win the match, it is essential to earn 3 points.

Type Of Launching Styles

Along with the type of Beyblades, there are different types of battles you can go for, which makes the game more fun and exciting.

Here are some of the launching styles that make it fun and competitive. They also help in achieving the desired targets, such as ring-out finish, burst finish, or survivor finish.

  • The parallel launch is when the Beyblade is launched parallel to the floor.
  • Banking launch is parallel to the Beystadium’s angle instead of the floor.
  • The sliding launch is trickier than the others as you also have to push your launcher forward while launching the Beyblade parallel to the stadium angle.
  • Weak shooting style is similar to the parallel launching style with the slightest pull when it comes to ripcord.

This is not the end of the moves, but you can keep adding new moves to the game to make it challenging for the players.

The Most Powerful Beyblades

The best thing about Beyblades is that they come in various designs, blades, shapes, sizes, and styles that determine the power of the Beyblade.

Let’s look into the most powerful Beyblades of all the times.

Galaxy Pegasis

  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Spins longer

Meteo L Grago

  • Awesome attacking
  • Stealing spin capabilities
  • Less stamina

Phantom Orion

  • Strong
  • Spin the longest
  • Best attacker

Gravity Perseus

  • Spins left and right
  • Strong blades

Diablo Nemesis

  • Strongest fusion
  • Heavier

These are just a few from a wide range that performs differently and in their unique manner. With the enhanced quality and innovative designs, we only see them growing popular with every passing day. There is no way they are going to lose their charms anytime soon, especially when not only the kids, even the teens and adults are addicted to it.

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