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People all around the world love WrestleMania. The WrestleMania of this year will finally take place on Sunday, April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. So, brace yourselves and don’t miss out this event regardless of wherever you live in the world. You can enjoy WrestleMania all around the world. You might be wondering how? Don’t worry; we will help you.


In WWE history, this will be happening for the first time that the main event will be a women’s match. A triple threat match is going to take place between three of the top female superstars. The participants will be Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and MMA legend Ronda Rousey. They will be going for a triple threat match with both Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Brock Lesner, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and Daniel Bryan will also be there at the WrestleMania. Brock Lesner will be defending his universal championship against the Seth Rollins, whereas Kofi Kingston will be against Daniel Bryan to win the WWE championship.

Other than that, at the WrestleMania, there will be Triple H and Dave Batista who will be going against each other. Shane McMahon will also be there who is going to take on The Miz. Kurt Angle will face Baron Corbin as his farewell match from WWE. You all will be enjoying Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the WWE Hall of Famer.

The event is going to be full of enthusiasm and fun with loads of matches and excitement. Stay tuned! You may stream online and enjoy these matches to your fullest no matter wherever you’re in the world.

Since we want you all to enjoy the matches, we have selected the best live streaming options for you.

Whether you’re in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan or India, we have the streaming options for you. We have described the possibilities for you, so just keep on scrolling down.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any access to WrestleMania 35, or you do not have access to some legal stream there’s a way for you then even. Don’t think that you’re unlucky and you will not be able to enjoy this season of the WrestleMania. We have a suggestion for you in such case as well. You may use a VPN service!

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It will allow you to change your IP address, and you will be able to appear in an entirely different location of the world. Don’t worry it’s safe if you choose a reliable one.

After testing hundreds of VPNs, we’ve come across the 5 best WWE VPNs which we can recommend you.

5 Best WWE VPN for 2019

ProviderPricingRatingMore Info
From $8.32 / month9.8 out of 10Visit Website
Read reviews
From $2.88 / month9.5 out of 10Visit Website
Read reviews
From $6.49 / month9.0 out of 10Visit Website
Read reviews
From $2.99 / month8.8 out of 10Visit Website
Read reviews
From $1.99 / month8.5 out of 10Visit Website
Read reviews
  • Express VPN ( this assures you a 30-day money back guarantee)

Without wasting time, check out this Express VPN and enjoy a free period of three months. If you claim your annual plan, you can enjoy the free three-month period.

  • PureVPN

This Hong Kong-based VPN service, PureVPN, has been serving security and ultimate accessibility since 2007. The official site shows that the administration is working 24/7 all around the globe with more than 2000+ servers in 140 nations.

  • IPVanish:

IPVanish is another VPN that will be able to support ten devices at a time. You would have to subscribe to one of their packages to start streaming your favourite shows.

  • NordVPN:

This VPN is the most affordable choice for streaming. You can also get a trial period to test whether you want to connect using it or not. All of the packages will offer you a trial period.

  • SurfShark VPN

Enjoy the services of the award winning VPN service to enjoy all the action packed PPV events. This WWE VPN is ideal to give you access to servers across the globe.

Free Live Stream WrestleMania on WWE Network

WWE Network is the first place that you all visit to get any information regarding any PPV events. It is the best place to enjoy comprehensive wrestling coverage. You need to subscribe yourselves on the WWE network just like Netflix.

WWE Network is available in the entire world including Afghanistan, Japan, Zimbabwe, US, UK. Though the cost varies from place to place, this network allows you to watch the PPV again and again, and this also enables you to watch a live stream of this year’s WrestleMania.

You also get a free trial to test the service. You may enjoy tonight’s show only without any subscription if you just want to enjoy tonight’s show and not later on. All you have to do is that you need to sign up at the WWE network and the newcomers can test the service of the system for the entire month.

Other Ways to Enjoy the WrestleMania XXXV

WWE Network VPN

Live Stream in the USA

If you are in the USA then subscribing for the WWE network is going to be the best option for you since this is cost effective. You have other options too which include Dish and Xfinity, but their price can go up to $50.

Live Stream in Canada

You will find WWE network most cheap over here, and this is going the best and most convenient option for you to enjoy this season of WrestleMania. However, the other options for you can be SaskTel, Shaw or BellMTS but all of these networks expect you to pay some fees to the PPV providers in the US.

UK Stream

If you are not willing to subscribe to the WWE network, then Sky Sports Box Office will be the best and most convenient option for you. It is the official broadcaster of WWE in the UK. You can enjoy the WrestleMania XXXV for £19.95 live at midnight and then watch again and again for the next few days even.

Australia Stream

You can enjoy the WrestleMania for $30 on the main event PPV channel. It will come live on Monday at 9 am AEST.

If you want to re-watch all the WWE’s PPV events, then WWE Network is going to be a better option for you as it will be saving some of your cost.

WrestleMania Live Stream In Japan

It will start at 8 am on Monday in Japan. Since the WWE Network is available in Japan for the past few years, it is affordable for the people living in Japan to enjoy the WWE PPV events live. Apart from that, we have some alternatives too that include, J.Com and Sukachan. These all are offering PPV options.

Stream in India

If you’re living in India, then you can watch the WrestleMania on Sony Ten1 and Ten2. The timings for the telecast of the event will be 4:30 am IST.

You can also enjoy the WWE Network in India if you want to watch the PPV events and then watch them again and again as well later on.

Watch It from Any Other Country

Regardless of where you live, WrestleMania XXXV shouldn’t be hard to access. Well, even if you don’t have access to the WWE Network, an IP switch can put you in the right place. With the help of the best WWE VPN, you can connect to a server from USA. After that, you can enjoy the same service as all Americans receive when they subscribe to the WWE Network.

This year’s event is going to be rocking, so don’t miss it for the world!

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